PS3 Rear USB Port Mod

Macworks undertook the painful process of modifying his PS3 in order to provide it with a rear USB mod for use with the Playstation Eye. After searching high and low for instructions, he decided to just go ahead and perform the mod himself.

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GodsHand3804d ago

Nice, but you won't see me doing that. Bad experience with a PS2.

Sam Fisher3804d ago

i want this guy to do my 40gb when i get it i want like at least 2 ports (if possible 4 would be good)

rofldings3804d ago

Screw that, I can just buy a USB hub and plug it in the front and bring it to the back, I don't mind one cable showing up.

gta_cb3804d ago

yeah i was thinking of doing that, i have the 40GB SKU and i use things like the controller wire to recharge, a USB keyboard, the recharger wire for my bluetooth headset and WAS (not to sure now) going to hook up an external HDD.

thing is with the recharger wire for my headset its really small and different to the controller one (the headset i got with Warhawk) so i need to keep it attached otherwise could loose it lol

Kleptic3804d ago

it would have been nice to have a single USB port in the back, like originally planned...only for a HDD or something permanent hooked up...but yeah...its not that big of a deal...My PS3 is on a desk packed with all kinds of crap, you can barely see it anyway...I don't mind a always coming out of the front...

Cynical-Gamerzus3804d ago

What a waste of time,loser,,go do something productive instead,I see no benefit from this besides wasting my time and losing chunks of time from my life ill never get back..
Go detonate some I.E.D's or something loser.

Matsuiichi3804d ago

Meh. That's why we have USB Hubs. Considering how much Minimum Wage is in America, you could make enough to get a decent hub in two or three hours---which, judging from the complexity of this project, would be much less time than spent on modding this. XD

I mean, having a USB input back there would be sweet...but is it worth the effort? I doubt it, unless you live on your PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.