5 Things Sony and Microsoft Can Learn From the Launch of the WiiU

Time will of course tell whether or not the WiiU launch has been successful. It’s barely been 24 hours, and there isn’t anything close to actual data in terms of availability, sales numbers, attach rates, etc. However, in reading a lot of the anecdotal reports from other journalists as well as consumers, it seems as though Nintendo has made some missteps along the way. They have also, however, seemingly done some things right. For better or for worse, these are the 5 things that Sony and Microsoft can learn from the launch of the WiiU.

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decrypt2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

If the Wii U is successful, it might motivate Sony and MS not to make the next consoles much of a jump from current gen.

So i guess if Wii U makes good sales, with a cheap system Sony and MS will probably follow suit. Both of them are probably tired taking initial losses. The will instead design cheap cost effective hardware, so they may profit day one.

RivetCityGhoul2191d ago

what in the hell are you even talking about? nintendo said they are taking a loss on wii U, so nintendo is gonna influence Sony & MS to take a loss on a loss they are already taking. you know how much sense that makes? NONE.....

darthv722190d ago

relax...I get what decrypt is trying to type. Didnt convey it properly but it is quite simple. effectively, the wii-u is the evolution of the wii. It offer upgraded visuals and specs but those were not the key to the system. It was the new controller and the idea behind integrating the whole app world people have been doing for years on the go but now in a console.

Okay, long part out of the way. what decrypt was eluding to would be that the new ps4/720 would not be the obvious super jumps in tech like we have come to expect with each console generation. What we would likely see are simple yet effective improvements to the hardware but the main focus would be about adding more functionality to the new platforms.

i mean, playing games, yeah we get it. its been that way since pong. These new systems would not take away that ability by any means but add more to it. Both sony and Ms have been finding ways to extend the relevancy by changing things around like the new ui on the 360 and adding in all these video apps and a new store on the ps3.

both are examples of the direction they 'may' take in the future. both are currently test subjects for whats to come. So the changes would in effect be more about the features which would (could) cost less while the improved hardware would not cost an arm and a leg thus resulting is a more cost effective and more robust (feature wise) platform.

on a side note, we know that the 360 and ps3 still have more to give but due to constraints like memory limits (ps3) and capacity issues (360) we arent seeing what these platforms are really capable of. It would not surprise me in the least if sony were to revise their ps4 as a ps3.5 with much more ram and a tweaked design to improver overall performance. And MS and the 720 be a 360-ish in terms of ease of development but use a more capacity format as well as much improved ram and cpu/gpu performance.

sdtarm2190d ago

did the author of this article seriously said that zombiU was dark souls-esque... like fucking shit this guy can't be any more wrong

Legend_Killer2190d ago

Another ignorant comment. Sigh! Do u know Nintendo is running at loss on the Wii U? So what's this cheap hardware and day one profit u're talking about?

ronin4life2190d ago

The fact they are taking a loss actually makes his statement MORE relevent...
If Nintendo is losing money with wiiu, can you imagine how much more a massive machine would lose?

Nefario62190d ago

Sony is a Boss. Wait and see!

IWentBrokeForGaming2190d ago

Sony on the technical side of things have been showing the competition how to build a console from the get go, almost every iteration of their consoles we get!

miyamoto2190d ago

After a quarrel with my girl my PSP 3000 got thrown down the stairwell from the 2nd floor and landed on ceramic tiles flooring with the battery, covers, memory card, UMD flying all over the place....and to my shock, after putting it back together, this damn thing is still working as of today.

Wii U: 12.8GB/s maximum speed

Not good.
No way M$ or Sony will cheap out that way

Xbox360: 22.4 GB/s + eDRAM for framebuffer
PS3: 25.6 GB/s main memory BW + 22.4 GB/s graphics memory BW, no eDRAM

andrewsqual2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

They don't need to learn anything. Microsoft and Sony launched their 7th generation consoles 7 and 6 years ago. If anything Nintendo didn't learn anything from them.
The 8gb basic console only has around 3gbs of useable space. That is almost worse than the Core 360 but at least you could get the normal hard drive (at extortionate prices though) separate and connect it as a real hard drive and not through a USB port and this was in 2005.
Holy crap they fucked up big time. And this has to last the next 5 to 6 years? Developers are screwed having to design their games on a console they have to assume has no room for caching info on locally.
Okay they can learn something, don't have a 5gb download day 1. Day 1 when everybody is trying to get such a massive update all at once on your brand new service.

dark-hollow2190d ago

1- you can get any HDD up to 2TB.
2- the patch is not 5gb.

Da One2190d ago

You're right it's not 5gb....but good luck downloading with all the f**ing error codes :)

My wii-u still hasn't updated....Ninja Gaiden Razor Edge is really good though.

Donnieboi2190d ago

Yeah but that's just more money spent just trying to complete an incomplete product; A product that is barely better than cheaper current gen consoles (that have more games and more userbase).

Wii U is just plain underwhelming as a sales pitch in my eyes.

Grimhammer002190d ago

It's been confirmed by MS themselves that the 720 leak was legit. So the new Xbox will be 8gb of ram! And not slow DDR like wiiu crapfest of a console!

So tell me. How is ninny going to compete? With 1gb of useable ram! And the price for 720 has also been confirmed. $299

Ninny is screwed.

Dubaman2190d ago

RAM makes or breaks a console? Here's me still thinking we were on about my how times change..oh wait..

Donnieboi2190d ago

Microsoft confirmed it? Link, or it never happened

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