Kane & Lynch 2 in development?

Videogamer writes: The Official PlayStation Magazine, is reporting that Kane & Lynch 2 is in development.

As revealed on the official PlayStation EU forum, the magazine says: "Sci has announced Kane & Lynch 2 is already in development."

The news came as some surprise to us here at, so we thought we'd check with UK publisher Eidos, owned by SCi. We've been told we're getting a response "ASAP", so you can stay right there on the edge of your seat.

If true, the news won't come as a surprise. Despite lower-than-expected review scores, the game has sold over a million units since its release in November 2007.

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zonetrooper53779d ago

Can't wait for the second game, the first game was good but it was a little rushed. Hopefully they will take their time with this game and make sure its even better than the first.

Kleptic3778d ago

I don't know man...I rented the first game...and it just felt like a PS2 game to me...nothing special...really screwy reviving system...the cover mechanic also seemed broken to me at times...absolutely nothing special about the visuals, it looked as good as a top tier Xbox 1 game...would have been great 5 years ago...

6-7/10 seemed reasonable to wasn't really 'bad', but it was barely 'good'...