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It has its flaws, but this is a damn fine horror game that will keep you entertained and afraid for a very long time.

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Imalwaysright2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

"It has its flaws, but this is a damn fine horror game that will keep you entertained and afraid for a very long time". The only horror i felt playing the demo was because i couldnt get that sloppy cover system to work.

Irishguy952121d ago

Horror does not = Scary, I mean...I wish it did but..Horror can just be gory now. It's always been thrown around between 'scary' and 'shocking' or gory

RE has at least maintained the horror aspect, it's just...very very not scary. See, some people find gore itself 'scary' or the idea of the walking dead scary, whereas people like us need some type of psychological 'shock' to be scared. People loe Dead space because it had...jumpy bits in it. I wasn't affected by them honestly. They just don't work on me anymore. But, Dark room, earphones, lights off + Amnesia Dark descent, was quite scary.

TheBlackSmoke2121d ago

Sorry but the "where is teh horroz" complainers are just getting clouded by nostalgia. The only reason re2 was scary was because I was 13 years old when I played it, as a 27 year old I wouldn't bat an eyelid at anything in that game and the only thing it legitimately has is the licker jump scare through the two way mirror. For its time it was a great game but you have a false perception if you think it is the epitome of horror.

If you think simply changing the amount of ammo and restricting your movement all of a sudden remedies the horror levels, then your just a weak minded idiot.

Imalwaysright2121d ago

Horror comes from atmosphere. It doesnt necessarily have to be scary. It just needs to transmit a feeling of uneasiness, tension and loneliness wich original RE games deliver in spades. You say that lack of ammo doesnt add to the atmosphere... you couldnt be more wrong as it adds to the feeling of tension. RE6 is a straight forward generic action TPS worthy of a mindless generic summer blockbuster and has as much horror as that "Eat pray sleep" movie.

deadfrag2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

(game that will keep you entertained and afraid for a very long time.)=This was reviewed by a 10 year old kid?Or its a little girl!?Afraid?WTF!

csreynolds2121d ago

There's a genre called 'Action Horror'?

On topic, meh. I really wanted to like RE6, but the demo left a sore taste in my mouth. Dodgy cover system, obscure camera controls, gun-wielding Zombies, frequent quick-time events... ugh, just talking about it makes me sad.

Minsec68202121d ago

"There's a genre called 'Action Horror'?"

*Xenomorph from the movie Aliens walks into comments section*


csreynolds2121d ago

That actually made me laugh. Bravo :-)

a_bro2121d ago

this review is exactly like the name of the site, bloody-disgusting....