Nintendo Land Packs Years of Franchises Into Wii U (Interview) - PAX Prime 2012

"Nintendo has created many of the industry's most notable and successful video game franchises of all time including Mario, Animal Crossing, Zelda, and more, so what better way to launch the Wii U than to integrate these experiences together? Nintendo Land, set to launch day and date with the Wii U, offers Nintendo's top franchises integrated within a theme park environment with several mini-games for players to enjoy. While details have been scarce on the upcoming software release, Nintendo made sure to attract publicity during PAX Prime 2012."

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playlikemario2290d ago

i compare this to when the Wii came out and they had the bundle of Wii Sports and i cant wait to see how they will take this game cause this game looks cool and it shows the gamer the ways to play with the new gamepad and kinda gets the ball rolling on the functionality and abilities of the gamepad and the system working together. so i am looking forward to this coming either bundled with the Wii U or whatever but if this isn't bundled then something has to be with the Wii U to help sell. we shall find out Sept 13Th.