Bosses That Made Us Hit the Restart Button

So many bosses were a relief to defeat. We’d strike up a victory pose or pump a fist in the air upon their demise. Yet there were other bosses that were actually enjoyable to fight. In fact, some were even sorrowful to defeat.

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Hasanhastam2031d ago

Matter is not Hiting button. Some bosses are realy annoying like crysis 2 ending on superhero mode

SolidDuck2031d ago

The false king king in demons souls has a move that if connects takes u down a whole level up. The first time I fought him he got me 3 times, I shut it off and beat him later.

NastyLeftHook02031d ago

he took your health so fast

NickTheHitman2031d ago

Maleficent Dragon form in Kingdom Hearts. Mother of God. I sold the game cause I couldnt beat her. Then bought it again years later and finally succeeded

-Mika-2031d ago

You was probably was too young and didn't really have an understanding of games the first time you tried fighting the dragon.

NickTheHitman2031d ago

True. i was only 13. But still I was damn good gamer! But more than likely ur right.

Capt-FuzzyPants2031d ago

Was that before or after Riku. Because I though Riku was a huge pain. Maleficint was a little easier in my opinion.

ElasticLove2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Young Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts 3D), the most recent boss that made me hit the restart button a few times.

one2thr2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Zombies Ate My Neighbors...

Oh my goodness the bosses in that game p!ssed me off seeing that I had to waste A LOT of good items on them to beat them.... It took me 10 to about 15minutes to beat that giant baby with just the water gun and soda cans.... With the traditional "Hit-and-run" tactic...

Still love the game, but it was and is one of the most frustrating games in my entire gaming career...

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