Unity 4: Stunning Video Reveals Next-Gen Engine To Rival Unreal, CryEngine

NowGamer: The next-gen Unity 4 game engine is looking hugely impressive in this short film rendered in realtime.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Nice and linux support! This is how I imagined source 2.

Spenok1373d ago

Sure it looks good... but it does NOT rival Unreal Engine 4.

FriedGoat1373d ago

Yeah but I bet it doesn't start a game with blurry textures for 20 seconds. The unreal engine is not impressive.

hkgamer1373d ago

Agree, does look good, but that's all it kinda showed, nothing too impressive. That is entirely my opinion. maybe if they slowed it down, we could see the textures, lighting, physics.
I know it is just a tech demo of some sort, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone said that was captured a PS3 game called PAIN.


how do you know it doesn't start a game with blurry seconds for 20 seconds with this new engine? Plus UE4 isn't even out yet, so what are you trying to say?

Gildarts1368d ago

This looks good but it does not rival Unreal 4 or Cryengine.

I can imagine cartoony like games being made on this engine though

DaThreats1373d ago

Looks very close to a pixar movie

jb12761373d ago

.... Bunny slippers were sweet

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The story is too old to be commented.