Helldivers 2 Players Lose All Hope After Vernen Wells Defeat

Helldivers 2 image of a player looking at a dead Factory Strider

Fans of Helldivers 2 are in mourning. The night was long and eventful, but as of the morning of May 21, Helldivers 2 players did lose Vernen Wells. This loss was a big one, as it might cause a domino effect. Players are left worrying over the future of the current Major Order. What will the consequences of this most recent loss be?

Fans Lost a Buff, as well as the Battle

As per the current Major Order: “So long as the training facilities stay under Super Earth control, SEAF support to planetary liberation will be augmented by a steady flow of enthusiastic new recruits. If they are lost, however, SEAF support will decrease, and subsequent planetary liberation will become more difficult”. Basically, the players received a galaxy-wide boost to the liberation rate. Unfortunately, with the loss of Vernen Wells, the boost is lost, as well.
Seeing the unity of valiant players who fought until the very last moment was heart-warming. There were pleas for other players to join all over Reddit and Discord. One of the fans, slythr_, asked: “So where are you dropping tonight, and why isn’t it Vernon Wells”?

You see, the main problem was that only a small percentage of active players was defending Vernon Wells from Automations, while the majority was off fighting the bugs on other planets. For example, at one point, around 100k players were online. Less than 18k were defending Vernen Wells.

The main reason for this might be that most of the players weren’t even aware of the liberation rate boost. AntonineWall explained: “Not in the game, no one will know. Simple as that, this is a failure of the game to communicate the importance of the planets”.

Another fan, spacemanandrew added: “Really hope they add indicators to important planets soon so people know where to defend better”. Octi1432 confirmed: “They should Mark these down on the map I think people already forgot we have a whole training ground over there”.

Helldivers 2 Helldiver next to a friend's Exosuit
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Some Helldivers Accuse the Developers for Vernen Wells Debacle

Another big reason is that this Major Order incentivizes killing Terminids over Automations at the moment. So, many players thought they were contributing by fighting on “bug planets”. A user named babakinush reported: “I thought I should kill bugs because of the MO”.

CapitalEbb4995 added another reason: “Bots are more stressful than bugs. after a long day, I just wanna rain down hell on hordes of bugs not be under constant staggering laser bullets or have my stratagems take longer to refresh/be negated entirely”. Another player, chaistaa, agreed: “Sometimes after work, I only have time for one dive and you can be sure I’ll be putting down some bugs”.

Some pointed out, that they already defended Vernen Wells very recently. A fan, du5ksama asked: “Didn’t we just defend Vernen Wells 3 times this week already”? Prize-Example-7504 expressed their exasperation as well. They said: “This might be some of the problem. Having to defend the same planet multiple times a week. People may get tired of doing it and jump somewhere else. I don’t want to always have to defend a bot planet, sometimes I would like to hop to bug planets for different gameplay. I know when I saw VW under attack again I got annoyed I had to go there again”.

The general impression is that the developers should communicate more clearly the objectives, as well as their importance. Also, some more variety would pique some more interest from the players. For now, let’s hope that once the players reclaim Vernen Wells, the liberation rate buff will be reinstated.


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