GameTap: Twenty Questions for Goichi Suda

Goichi Suda has been making games in Japan since 1993 -- after he quit his day job at an undertaker. But it took a panel appearance in the 2006 E3 Conference Program and a follow-up stint at 2007's Game Developers Conference to really shed light on the seldom-seen game designer also known as SUDA51.

Part of the curiosity surrounding Suda was the odd name (which was it: Goichi Suda or SUDA 51?), the mask (he had a reputation for giving interviews wearing a Mexican pro-wrestling lucha libre mask), the retro gameplay mechanic and intense storyline of Killer7, as well as the impossible-to-find DS title Contact.

Who is this guy? gamers asked themselves.

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kira9893733d ago

Suda51 and Kojima in a single title.... Things coud get very interesting...