Hyrule Historia is Being Officially Localized, Published by Dark Horse Comics

GenGAME writes: "Hyrule Historia was the guidebook that took The Legend of Zelda fanbase by storm. Not only was it an art book with insight into the games’ creation, it also supplied snippets of a never-before-released manga, and in a totally unexpected move revealed the full Legend of Zelda series timeline. Fans have clamored for an official English release of the guide…and now, their dreams are set to become reality. Diamond Book Distributors has listed Hyrule Historia as part of Dark Horse Comics' January 2013 release schedule, priced at $34.99, with a specific date of January 29, 2013."

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DA_SHREDDER2282d ago

Holy shit, better than the actual game?! lmao

Erimgard2282d ago

I guy the games on day one too :P

Spenok2282d ago

Absolutely! Cant wait!

mike1up2282d ago

Great news!

This actually made my day.