MS apologises for Beautiful Katamari demo mistake

MS asks Gold members to "hold tight" as Silver members hit the download button.

Microsoft has apologised this morning for releasing a demo of upcoming rolling collect-em-up Beautiful Katamari that's only accessible by Xbox LIVE Silver members

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-EvoAnubis-3854d ago

Looks like someone hit the wrong switch. I thought it was the Silver members who had to wait a week, not the Gold members. Oh man . . . this is too funny.

I'm sure they'll sort it out soon . . . but in the meantime, this is really funny.

DarkSniper3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Leave it to Microsoft Corporation to issue out an apology for doing something noble. Just like a true tyrant, Microsoft issues out something that can be done on Playstation® Network and give all consumers a chance to demo a game and then strip it away from the gamer. This is like Robin Hood taking away from the rich, giving to the poor and then taking it back from the poor and giving it to the rich again.

Would you like it if your game is downloading at 94% complete and then your online network that you worship decisively takes it away from you? This is destruction, this is pain, this is oppression, this is dictatorship, this is totalitarianism, THIS IS MICROSOFT.

Thankfully Dark Sniper has placed his trust in the superior online portal titled Playstation® Network. Which is the undeniable future which all other competing online services will follow.

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InMyOpinion3854d ago

Ironic =)

I think part of the idea might be to save load from the servers. It's a lame excuse though as demos should be available for everyone at the same time. Some more free stuff would'nt hurt as well. Packs for older games etc.

Nik3854d ago

I wonder how hard it is to just change its availability from Silver to Gold members.

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The story is too old to be commented.