Metroid Fusion Is A Better Game Than Super Metroid

Super Metroid has long been heralded as the defining title in the series. Taking all the established core concepts of the franchise and making them bigger and better, Super Metroid represents the Metroid formula perfected, but not necessarily the best game in the series.

After nearly a decade the Metroid series was revived with Metroid Fusion, and the series was given a new twist on the classic style. Although Fusion deviates a bit from the traditional formula, there are reasons to believe that it is a better overall game than Super Metroid.

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BattleAxe2111d ago

Super Mario Bros. destroys this game.

bubblebeam2111d ago

Im pretty sure Super Metroid is the most revered one in the series, where as Fusion was universally accepted as terrible (except for this guy).

Can't wait to see HD metroid on Wii U. Although I'm not too excited for the Wii U, as soon as I see a Metroid in HD, I'm going to have a fit and go buy one.

xGrunty2111d ago

Idk man. We're pushing the bar there. Fusion was fantastic but just no.

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Subzero2002111d ago

"Better Game Than Super Metroid"

lol what?...isn't it harmful to the brain to use drugs?

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The story is too old to be commented.