Final Fantasy X Retro Review (Empty Lifebar)

"It’s been over a decade since Square-Enix released Final Fantasy X onto the Playstation 2. The game introduced many new things to series and remains one of the most beloved titles to grace the system. You play as a teenager named Tidus who, after a high adrenaline opening, is stranded alone in a foreign world known as Spira. Throughout your journey you are joined by many allies with unique abilities as you, including a Summoner named Yuna."

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DragonKnight2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

You are missing two HA's lol.

Ranma12124d ago

Last FF to have good story

iamtehpwn2124d ago

This game had an effect on me when I first played it all those years ago. It showed me the true meaning of games as a unique art form.

abzdine2124d ago

i think FFX is an average FF. i loved the cinematics but FFX is kinda linear.
my favorite is XII!

slaton242124d ago

well of course it has yuna going on a quest to each temple...the story wasnt truly meant to be openworld...some games are meant to and some are not. You can disagree if you want to but I dont care not all games are meant to be openworld. By the way loved FFX and cant wait for FFX HD

abzdine2124d ago

i dont really want open world everytime, but i wasn't fan of the radar and the destination mark on it.
An RPG should neither be linear, nor open world. The old FFs are for me the best possible FF due to the very large world map.

cr33ping_death2124d ago

any update on the HD release? cant wait to play this all over again :)

Mingledorff2124d ago

I WISH. So looking forward to it!

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The story is too old to be commented.