A Compilation Video Of Slender Reactions

FanCensus says: "Slender is the game on the tip of every gamer’s tongue at the moment. Is it the scariest game ever made? Will it make you scream like a girl? While some of us in the office don’t necessarily agree with the previous statements, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a terrifying experience. Check out our reactions as we take on the Slender Man."

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CLOUD19832310d ago

WoW! my stomach hurt from laughing I dont remember when it was the last time I laugh so much :p 2 guys in the video have completely hilarious reactions... oh that was good very funny especially in the end :p

isarai2310d ago

Am i the only one who doesn't find Slender the least bit scary? and i'm a pussy when it comes to scary games, i almost didn't finish dead space cause i'm such a pussy.

Kyosuke_Sanada2310d ago

I must say the developers used some ingenious tension-building positions for the Slendeman.