The Watcher

GameGrin's Ryan Davies writes: "I’m really not very good with scary games. For me, the sense of relentless dread and horrible jump scares aren’t particularly exciting. I mean, they certainly get my heart pumping - but in a ‘my body wants me to survive this’ kind of way, not really the ‘this is so much fun’ way. So as you’d expect I tend to steer well clear of things like Outlast, Slender or Alien: Isolation. Well... that’s only half true. While I sure as hell wouldn’t want to play those kind of games alone, and I’d probably put up a fight if I had to play them in the presence of others, I do happen to thoroughly enjoy watching other people play horror games. I’m not sure if that makes me some kind of low-level psychopath, but I’m very happy to admit it."

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