Interview: Amber Rose Talks About Her Gaming Addiction

Complex writes: Amber Rose has gone through quite a few labels during her time in the spotlight. Model, socialite and even recording artist but who would've thought that gamer could be added to that list as well? Don't expect to see Amber on Xbox Live or PSN with a sniper rifle though, she's all about the casual games and puzzlers.

We spoke with Amber Rose about her secret passion and she didn't hold back. Check out what she had to say.

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Guwapo772264d ago

An ex-stripper who dated Kanye and now Wiz Khalifa.

I bet if you've seen her "leaked" nude shots you wouldn't forget her no time soon.

-MD-2264d ago

Garbage rapper that raps about absolutely nothing but smoking weed.

Guwapo772264d ago

I couldn't agree more -MD-

Gigawatt252264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Google it!

GaryOak2264d ago

Khalifa? I do a quick check...
*Opens Pokedex*
Pokedex:" data available..."
I got nothing.

Xperia_ion2264d ago

Bubbles, Gary is hilarious.

MrGunny942264d ago

Bejeweled? Cool....

Come back to us when you play with the "grown ups" of gaming.

Don't get me wrong i play Bejeweled or i use to.. Now we have ioS/Android/WP7 with great games...

dangert122264d ago

I play games too, will you write an article on how or what i like to play? pft this is pathetic