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I wish Sierra’s King’s Quest reboot was point-and-click adventure

32d ago - From the article, "Gamers have proven with purchases that they want point-and-click adventure gam... | PC

Sierra's New King's Quest Won't Be Point-And-Click, Will Be Adventure

32d ago - GameInformer: The Odd Gentlemen, the developer working on the new King's Quest game, reached out... | PC

A Tribute To Old School Adventure Games and Sierra On-Line

336d ago - A quick look at gaming's past and a time when adventure games flourished and a company called Sie... | Culture

Game of the Year Awards: 1984 - press-play

338d ago - Annual charts are an everyday affair, but what happens when you look back in the past a full 30 y... | Arcade

Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

Telltale's King's Quest canceled, Activision planning something

534d ago - Telltale confirms that they are no longer working on King's Quest while Replay Games explains tha... | PC

Active Respawn Interview: Jim Fergusen: Cult Movie Extraordinaire

574d ago - Active Respawn Staff member interviews cult film artist, Jim Fergusen. Discussing his interests,... | Culture

The 6 Most Absurdly Difficult Video Game Puzzles

756d ago - Video game puzzle designers tread a fine line: If the puzzles are too easy, they're boring, but i... | Culture

Looking Back at Closed Game Publishers From the 1990s

894d ago - Video game publishers come and go. Sometimes if gamers are lucky, the closing studios' franchises... | PC

Beyond the Limits: Innovation in Adventure Games | Adventure-Treff

902d ago - Agustin Cordes, the designer of Scratches and forthcoming Asylum, discusses innovation in adventu... | PC

Sacred Cows: Killing Your Darlings | PC Gamer

908d ago - PC Gamer is taking five games you think you love, and driving the boot into their smug, over-rate... | PC

The Point-and-Click Adventure | NeoGAF

954d ago - The complete and rather impressive history of the point and click graphic adventure. | Retro

Top 10 Best Adventure Games of All Time

1051d ago - GameFront, "Uncharted 3 is out this week, and so we’ve been thinking a lot about the adventure ga... | PC

How modern games have made me a lazy player

1141d ago - As games continue to target a wider audience that has less time to play, our patience has gone by... | Xbox 360

Telltale's Kevin Bruner on Jurassic Park, Walking Dead and more - GRTV interview

1162d ago - Telltale Games co-founder Kevin Bruner talks openly about the growth of the company and the many... | PC

The Evolution of Adventure Games

1181d ago - In the beginning, there was text. And only text. That's right, people used to actually read for f... | Mobile

AGDI’s King's Quest Remakes: Sir Graham Rides Again

1298d ago - Do the remakes of classic games like King's Quest hold up against the often misleading call of no... | PC

FTG PC Report: Steam Adds Screenshots, Minecraft Comes to iPhone, Piracy, and More!

1299d ago - Steam adds a screenshot feature, Minecraft is coming to your iOS device, Telltale is remaking Kin... | PC

Telltale Announces the Return of King’s Quest |

1309d ago - Last night Telltale let a whole litter of cats out of the bag. The biggest announcement of the ni... | PC
80° Kings Quest 3 Redux

1310d ago - Sierra was the king of Point-and-Click adventures during the reign of PC-adventure gaming, releas... | PC

Activision stamps on Sierra fan portal

1331d ago - "Activision lawyers have pounced on a website offering free access to classic Sierra On-Line adve... | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
20° closed - no more iPad Space Quest

1331d ago - was a website that brought new life to classic Sierra On-Line adventure games, making... | PC

Leisure Suit Larry is on your iPad, thanks to Sarien

1345d ago - If you’re a retro game fan, chances are you’re also a fan of new and innovative ways of playing y... | Culture

Bits 'n' Bytes - Games We're Thankful For

1392d ago - Everyone writes briefly about the game or series for which they are most thankful. It's in the sp... | Culture

Five classic PC games that need to be remade

1396d ago - Last year LucasArts re-fitted and re-released The Secret of Monkey Island to much fanfare and ear... | PC

Telltale Games Launch The Great Adventure Bundle 2010 in Aid of Charity

1476d ago - Available for one week only, players can purchase The Great Adventure Bundle 2010 which includes:... | PC
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