SurvivalCast 87: Inversion Does Not Suck

The SurvivalCast crew of Tom (@Letsgetacid) and Craig (@NJMane) are back to discuss all the latest and greatest from the gaming industry. Craig praises Inversion and discusses the harsh criticism it received from several critics. Tom tests the new patch for Diablo 3 and puts a few items up on the Auction House.

This week’s news topics include Microsoft Surface, Windows 8 phone, Games on Demand discounts, Dishonored completion time, Summer of Arcade (XBLA), Mike Tyson, Black Ops 2 single-player mode, Syndicate reboot issues, Anarchy Reigns delay, Wii U's power, Xbox 720 document leak, Xbox Live Rewards upcoming achievement integration and more!

Don’t forget to follow the show on Twitter (@SurvivalCast). Feel free to shoot us questions and comments for the next show. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show!

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