Crytek says CryEngine 3 already does awesome graphics as good as Unreal Engine 4 (interview)

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews the Yerli brothers and Nick-Button Brown about graphics technology in the best video games.

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Orpheus2142d ago

Waiting to see who wins the graphics Olympus of 2013 , Metro Last Light or Crysis 3 .... im betting for the first one

WeskerChildReborned2142d ago

Metro Last Light look's amazing.

ProjectVulcan2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

CryEngine 3 is powerful, seriously, you just need to see what modders can do with it even in Crysis 2. Crytek themselves may not really be the masters of it, whereas the difference is that Epic and 4A are probably the masters of their own engines and make the best looking games (with them).

Just looking at the wastage in Crysis 2 is jaw dropping, with millions of tesselated polygons spunked on........concrete barriers. Honestly there is a VAST amount of flexibility there just waiting to be unlocked.

Crytek built a good looking game in Crysis 2 on PC (FINALLY after the DX11 patches) but then the modders turned up- and blew them away.

You can really pick up some superb texture mods for example, that are much higher res than Crytek's. With community tweaks, Crysis 2 looks beserk and performance isn't too badly hit.

If a developer really takes Cryengine 3 by the scruff of the neck and allocates the right resources, they would achieve something truly mindblowing visually on existing PC hardware

tokugawa2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

why are you not a mod vulcanproject?? your posts are always well worth reading, and are always backed up with links and sources...

plus, being as you are one of the very small minority on here than isnt a rampant fanboy. it baffles me why you are not helping to sort out the mess that is the n4g message boards.

n4g is seriously lacking decent mods. and unbiased mods are rarer than rocking horse shit on here

bubbles +

ZoyosJD2141d ago

"it was impossible for PC to be ran cheaply as a console"

This is exactly where you went wrong. Starting off by putting words in other peoples mouth. I just said "I don't see the bang for your buck in PC games anymore".

*At minimum a gaming PC will cost you the same as a console...I understand that well, but at that point you are only getting the same results as a console and would still have dropping framerates below what is standard on consoles. *If you want more you pay more for better hardware, but the laws of deminishing returns kick in. *And, consoles have a greater focus from developers as well.

Hell, I know that PCs can be ran cheaper than consoles, but then you don't even get console level performance.

"But i know i have saved a minimum of £200 every year on multi plat games...."

*And as I stated I have saved over twice what you did each year for several years now on games making your "saving in the long run" point moot.

*I don't own a 360, so adding Live into the equation is not sufficient for my case.

*I got my PS3 used, as I am sure you have recieved some of your PC parts...further reducing costs from what you assumed. And, no repaires or upgrades have been needed.

*Every headset/periferal I have purchased has been usable for both PC and PS3. Meaning costs are equivalent there.

"anything about steam at all in any of my posts"

Steam was brought into the convesation by the poster below you, to whom I was responding to as well. Again, jumping to conclusions. Anyways, assuming you recive your games legitimately, the results would be the same.

There is no reason to end the conversation, so please, take your time, give me a reason on each of the askterisked (*) points I have made. I want to believe that my purchases have been warrented as well.

PCs may very well be more powerful, I'm just not seeing the value in the cost of that extra power.

If you want to make a point, then be desicive...don't tuck your tail and run when your faced with logic. The whole idea of a debate is to get to a point where people can make an informed decision based on the info provided.

Orpheus2142d ago

@Vulcan Project
Crytek did that shitful tessellation bcos they ate money from nVIDIA. dont get me wrong im an nvidia fan ... but thats wht crytek did ....

We havent seen anything of Metro Last Light yet, 4A is keeping their heads down , just compare some screenshots specially the hall room filled with people with the video counterpart , the screens depict more of the final product , the videos are dumbed down ... they will start to shine when the 780GTX arrives.

ProjectVulcan2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Yep, it was indeed most likely marketing tie ups with Nvidia and they didn't bother implementing it properly.

But looking at it, looking at how many of those barriers and polygons the engine can push is phenomenal. Added in to modders high resolutions textures, lots of 1k and even 2k replacements performance was still pretty damn good. A GTX670 can actually do over 60 frames in 1080p maxed and texture mods....said card would only do about half that in metro 2033 maxed. Clearly the engine is very powerful and pretty well optimised.

Hopefully someone will really take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

CanadianTurtle2142d ago

I remember when Crysis 2 came out, and to be honest, it looked nothing special. Especially on consoles, it looked very mediocore on the PS3.

Tachyon_Nova2142d ago

Did you expect a console game to look anything other than mediocre at this stage?

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NYC_Gamer2142d ago

I believe the CryEngine is better than UE and Crytek should license it out to more studios

roblef2142d ago

At a certain point, though, who cares?

Ultr2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

you know just crytek talking shit like always

if nobody cares what you say, then you just comment crap on others.

(not saying cry-engine isn't impressive... cuz it is, but they still have to deliver a "WOW" game, all they have for now is mediocre)

deantak2142d ago

i care! the uncanny valley must be crossed.

wAnxTa2142d ago

Nope. CryEngine is even better imo.

Harelgur2142d ago

Cryengine 3 is a dumbed down joke for consoles.
Unreal 4 is playable CGI.

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