Conflicting Emotions On 'The Last of Us' Trailer

Most gamers and journalists alike were stunned by the first gameplay footage of The Last of Us shown to the public to cap of Sony's E3 2012 press conference. In spite of the excellence clearly on display, one writer sees the presentation as something of a double-edged sword.

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sinncross2084d ago

`a cupboard and asks Joel what they should do next, as she picks up a brick. It makes for a disturbing contrast. Her words display indecision and fear while her actions are confident`

She is fearing for her life... what would you expect her to do? Just stand there?
She is asking because she does not know how to handle that situation but clearly she is not going to just do nothing so she is giving her self something to defend herself.

Seems perfectly normal behaviour to me, but I guess I can kinda get what the author was trying to say.. but I disagree.

MrDead2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

I agree, in the world which the character inhabits her first instinct would be to defend herself.

sikbeta2084d ago

People mad about this, it's unbelievable, they are getting really dense going against what was showed in the demo, because "that *virtual*-man was begging for his life and got a shot in the head, that's awful and..." but forget that same *virtual*-man was trying to kill the character seconds ago and then punched the girl in the face

IF this was a movie, everyone will favor the character and his actions in order to defend his partner and his life, but because it's a game, "Shockin! Violence in Vidya Gaemz!"


GribbleGrunger2084d ago

it's not meant to be rationalised like that. you are meant to be confused and question the morality of that scene. are you surviving or are you just the same as the guy you just shot in the head. it's a test of perspective and brilliantly done. if people want Stargate then that's up to them. I personal prefer Game Of Thrones.

Eyesoftheraven2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

I'm with you, Mr Dead. It's almost like the author is digging for issues; of course there are going to be slight inconsistencies, it's inevitable. Part of the beauty is in how well Naughty Dog is overshadowing them with ingenious technological achievements in other more important aspects that directly affect the actual game play.

insomnium22084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

Yeah as the story is supposed to go afaik she has lived all her life in this hostile enviroment so defending herself with tangiable things should be her second nature pretty much. If not the first lol.

perfectCarbonara2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

haha, you're nitpicking. Sinncross already said it but a kid asking an adult, who has dealt with these situations before what to do, while at the same time tapping in to mankinds primal instincts to defend oneself is perfectly normal.

If I'm in a burning building with a fireman and ask what to do, does that mean I cannot cover my mouth to minimize smoke inhalation ?

It's just reacting on instincts. So in a way your nitpick is just another stroke of genius on Naughty Dogs part.

But nice try.

TLG19912084d ago

is this really what it has come to, is there nothing else to nitpick at your attacking the way the script is written and how the characters acted. wow.

i say they need to be reminded at the end of the day its not real life now is it and it is made up for your simple entertainment and to get you pumped.

i really cant believe what they are nitpicking at, why cant we all just agree when something looks good its not going to destroy your life to admit that something looks impressive even if its not your desired platform!!

pwneddemocrat2084d ago

The author is trying to hide his invalid points and nitpicking by writing long paragraphs about meaningless things then jumping on what he truly wants on the last three paragraphs.

Anyways, If i was scared, I'd grab a brick 24 hours a day.

This author is saying that when she was scared and she grabbed a brick to protect her from anything that might happen, he says that that is not consistent or a normal behavior.
Oh i'm sorry man but if you were scared about something, in this case men who will kill you at sight, i'm pretty sure you'd grab anything that you find and use it as a weapon.

The second point about being linear, i honestly prefer linear maps with gameplay diversity over open-world with limited gameplay diversity.

It was a nice article to read, but really really invalid points and illogical.

Strange2084d ago

Naughty dog explicitly said that you could skip this entire area without a fight if you wish. So there goes the linearity lol.

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