CNN thinks the Wii U is a controller

A story on the Wii U by CNN has got it all wrong. They talk about the Wii U as an accessory and a controller instead of a new console.

"Will Nintendo's forthcoming Wii U controller breathe new life into its aging Wii console?"

Umm... No.

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Snookies122262d ago

Hahahahaha! I love things like this...

T9002262d ago

I think naming it Wii U is ending up causing the confusion. If they must have the name Wii, then i would suggest they name it Wii 2.

Though whats funny is what identified the Wii was motion gaming. The Wii U doesnt seem to be having any focus on that front.


No focus on that front? Local multiplayer is practically limited to Wiimote, the WiiU Game Pad itself has motion controls and they even use the touchscreen as part of the motion tech (as in the throwing stars).

And the biggest problem in my view is that they barelly talked about the console itself. Have they shown at least the price everyone would've understanded it's a new console and not a controller for the Wii.

egidem2262d ago

Once again, more proof that the media knows jack about the gaming world.

I'm 100% sure there are people out there who believe the Wii U is a new portable device from Nintendo with a screen in the middle, capable of interfacing the Wii in all sorts of ways.

exsturminator012262d ago

Nintendo are kind of perpetrating this misunderstanding though. Every time they speak about Wii U, what do they do? They show videos of the controller and all the great gimmicks it comes with. They haven't shown what the console itself looks like at all, and barely touched on the fact that it has different/better specs than a standard Wii. If I wasn't a gamer, and I watched the conference, I'd be thinking Wii U was a tablet peripheral to the Wii as well; that's the way they are presenting it.

lizard812882262d ago

Even more so, the casual won't know either. They'll just buy the pad and then come home and try to sync it to their wiis.

Nintendo STILL hasn't shown the actual console


killerhog2262d ago

This means 70% of casuals will also make the similar mistake.

BubloZX2262d ago

Lol wait till the holiday season when all your casual consumers go out to buy the wii u. Lmao people are gonna be going home in disappointment when they find out they gotta spend another $300 because its not just a tablet.

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PirateThom2262d ago

If a writer on a website like CNN can mistake this for an accessory and people in the gaming world had the same issue last year... do you see how this could be a problem with a mainstream, non-gaming audience?

mike1up2262d ago

They have only had two whole E3 conferences to figure it out...

Shadow Flare2262d ago

Surely they must have sat through the nintendo conference, the whole time thinking it was an add-on for the Wii lol

Disccordia2262d ago

Indeed, I thought the same after last years conference and so did a lot of people. A year on and I don't ever remember Nintendo talking about the console itself yesterday. They certainly never showed it on stage, it was all about the controller.

I agree with PT that Nintendo might struggle with marketing this to the everyday person.

miyamoto2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

From a casual & mass market standpoint this is a reliable test of Nintendo's E3 conference.

I give Nintendo high grades for experimenting but explaining their new tech to common people is another story.

Having to look between two screens back & forth while in the heat of gaming, like the Dreamcast controller, I still see the Wii U game pad as an obstruction to seamless game play.

The proposition of bringing the game where ever you go inside the house is good for games that require a single screen.

But what about games that require the TV & the game pad?
Like Batman and Zombie U?
Can you play it inside the bathroom or in bed?

JsonHenry2262d ago

But unlike most of the news we get they were at least half right this time around. :)

metsgaming2262d ago

how did i lose a bubble mentioning this in another thread and yet everyone seems to agree. This is a problem but they are lucky that they can afford make it.

shackdaddy2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Not really. You just need to spend 1 second on google to see that it's not. The guy making this article is obviously really stupid. I mean, he was even at E3...

Once commercials start, everything should be fine.

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TLG19912262d ago

its a fail on both parts CNN for not researching and Nintendo for not explaining properly.

for people who don't follow it (like nintendos fanbase/customers basically families getting it for there kids) this confusing will be made EVERY TIME because all nintendo are showing is this stupid controller, they may as well have made it another handheld console.

BootHammer2262d ago

Wow...forward this to a few Nintendo reps in hopes of some improvements in marketing their brand. This is case in point that they have lost sight in how to clearly define what their console is, what their audience wants and why it's a must purchase item come launch.

A lot of potential Wii U owners were probably lost due the second lackluster E3 presentation.

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