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Exploring Far Cry 4's Sadistic, Complicated Villain Pagan Min

22d ago - Gamespot talks with actor Troy Baker about his recently finished role as the psychopathic antagon... | PC

Top 5 Best Video Game Voice-Over Actors

72d ago - "More video games are becoming a haven for tremendous acting performances, especially with storie... | Culture

Lego Batman's Troy Baker On More Last Of Us And Dee Bradley Baker On Left 4 Dead

77d ago - During Comic Con, [Game Informer] had the opportunity to sit in on round table discussions with s... | Xbox 360

The Last of Us' Joel and Ellie On The Secrets of Game Storytelling

80d ago - Asked to identify the secret to The Last of Us' narrative success, Troy Baker, voice (and body) o... | PS3

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Troy Baker Talks LEGO Batman 3

81d ago - Versatile voice actor Troy Baker was at San Diego Comic Con to promote several projects, includin... | PS4

The Last of Us: Breaking down its new epilogue with Naughty Dog, Joel, and Ellie

82d ago - GamesBeat spoke with Neil Druckmann, Troy Baker, and Ashley Johnson about last night's never-befo... | PS3

The Last of Us 2′: Troy Baker Believes Naughty Dog Will Make Right Decision

84d ago - At the same time, Baker feels like Naughty Dog is at a place where, if The Last of Us 2 is not co... | PS3

The Last of Us’ Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson discuss their hardest scene

88d ago - Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, Ellie and Joel in The Last of Us, respectively, recently sat down... | PS3

'Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor': 'Not one scene that is superfluous,' says Baker

100d ago - Troy Baker talked about the scenes people will find in Shadow of Mordor. | PC

Nolan North, Troy Baker and John DiMaggio E3 2014 Interview

124d ago - After their E3 2014 panel at the Turtle Beach Booth, actors Nolan North, Troy Baker and John DiMa... | Culture

Far Cry 4 an Early Frontrunner for a Huge Award

130d ago - We here at Hardcore Gamer could not be more excited for Far Cry 4. The sequel to 2012′s tropical... | PC

Troy Baker Interview - E3 2014

131d ago - Troy stops by IGN's live set to talk Infamous, Last of Us and more. | PC

E3 2014: Troy Baker is Far Cry 4's Villain

131d ago - Troy Baker, the actor known for BioShock Infinite's Booker DeWitt and The Last of Us' Joel, will... | PC

Troy Baker on Ocelot and MGSV: The Phantom Pain: 'It's going to be really good'

139d ago - During a Bioshock Infinite panel at MomoCon 2014, Troy Baker spoke a little bit about his role as... | Xbox 360

Joel to Joker: An Hour with Troy Baker

146d ago - Max Level: If you didn’t already know, Troy Baker is a man of many masks. From voicing a plethora... | Culture

Why Troy Baker was cast to play Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V

163d ago - In Kojima Station episode 6, the studio's official podcast, Kojima Productions staff members gave... | Xbox 360

Troy Baker: What it’s like being The Joker

165d ago - games™ sits down with the busiest voice actor of 2013 to reflect on his process, his career and t... | Culture

"I’ll be killing you on stage today, so let’s get on with it" - a day in the life of Troy Baker

201d ago - Play magazine interviews voice actor extraordinaire Troy Baker about his day-to-day life as a sor... | PS3

5 Voice Actors We Wouldn’t Like to Meet in a Dark Alley

202d ago -| We look at some of the best video game and film voice actors who are good at being... | PC

inFamous: Second Son Interview | Troy Baker On Bringing Delsin Rowe To Life

221d ago - Dealspwn: "We sat down with critically-acclaimed voice actor Troy Baker at a recent inFamous: Sec... | PS4

Natural Doctrine (PS4) Review

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Troy Baker inFAMOUS Second Son Interview : Connected Digital World

225d ago - Connected Digital World writes: In this video I got to sit down with actor and voice over legend... | PS4

Troy Baker Talks The Last of Us 2, Arkham Knight

225d ago - The man who brought Joel and Two-Face to life has talked about whether he'll be returning to futu... | PC

Infamous: Second Son’s cast dishes on playing superheroes and goofing off in spandex suits

242d ago - GamesBeat chats with actors Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, and Travis Willingham about their roles in... | PS4

Troy Baker tries InFAMOUS: Second Son: "Holy. God. You Guys Ain't Seen Nuthin Yet;" "We are Stoked!"

252d ago - Today Voice Actors Troy Baker and Travis Willingham visited Sucker Punch Productions to try the P... | PS4

Grounded Making The Last of Us — Review — Kill Streak Media

294d ago - The author argues that while Grounded Making The Last of Us is a great supplemental featurette fo... | PS3
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