The Last of Us: Part II - New Cast Members, Seattle Setting, and More Revealed; E3 Reveal Confirmed

Developers from Naughty Dog and cast members provide more information about the upcoming The Last of Us sequel The Last of Us Part II for PS4.

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Hardiman369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

This game is gonna raise the bar! So looking forward to taking another trip through this dangerous world!

Druckmann said-Naughty Dog will "forever continue to do single, linear, narrative-driven games!" He'll yeah I love it!!!!

Leila___368d ago

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Hardiman368d ago

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UCForce369d ago

Joel and Ellie are both good singers.

Platinum_Fan369d ago

I can't wait to continue this series. Oh man the feels.

starchild368d ago

Truly one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.

Ashlen369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I recently finished The Last of Us again on the remastered version I got for Black Friday. Such a good game, it blows my mind that anyone could say single player isn't relevant...

rainslacker368d ago

I went back through and did the Grounded modes after the last trailer. Still a great game. Maybe I'll work myself up enough to go do the MP to finally get the platinum in the game.

SpaceRanger369d ago

So Sony has officially won E3 2018 before the new year even starts. Awesome! 👍🏼

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Thatguy-310368d ago

we can expect The last of us 2 gameplay and most likely death stranding gameplay for e3 2018. They pretty much have it in the bag if you ask me.

368d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.