Troy Baker tries InFAMOUS: Second Son: "Holy. God. You Guys Ain't Seen Nuthin Yet;" "We are Stoked!"

Today Voice Actors Troy Baker and Travis Willingham visited Sucker Punch Productions to try the PS4 Exclusive upcoming iNFAMOUS: Second Son, and Baker's reaction was quite positive.

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Abash1769d ago

I have a feeling when I pop in inFamous: Second Son, I'm going to say to myself "This game is why I got a PS4 at launch"

ZodTheRipper1769d ago

I remember getting lots of disagrees when claiming that we have seen only about 10-15% of the game but I still think that those numbers are pretty accurate so I can't freaking wait to see the rest running on my own PS4. This is the first PS4 game I _need_ to play.

TopDudeMan1769d ago

Any time I hear a dev hyping a game, I think of game dev tycoon now.

Abriael1769d ago

@TopDudeMan: troy baker isn't a dev. :D

@Zod18: we have seen really little about Second Son. That's a fact. They released like 3 trailers, shown gameplay in a VERY small area around the Pacific Science Center, and brough pretty much the same demo at every event (the one that starts with the fingerprint scan).

So yeah, either the game is one hour long, or we haven't seen much of it yet.

GTgamer1769d ago

What's killing me is I don't know who the villain is but then again Infamous series has alway been known for not letting you know the villian until you buy the game which i loved soooooo yeah we haven't seen anything yet.

Agent_00_Revan1769d ago


I have a feeling the experience will be something like this...

himdeel1769d ago

If I had to guess Moira or whatever her names was in inFamous was shown in the E3 reveal and she is one of the badies in the DUP.

FamilyGuy1769d ago

You know, he's right. We really haven't seen much of anything so far.

That area with the finger scan, the two brothers arguing, Delsin getting shot and healing fast and Delsin meeting+taking the Neon power girls ability.

I'd be surprised if that was even 5% of the game, more like 1%-2%.

Eonjay1769d ago

"FACT: All of the “pedestrians” populating Seattle in #SecondSon are actual Seattleites whose likenesses were scanned and put in the game."

If I lived in Seattle and got scanned in, I would be so geeked out over finding myself! :)

Blastoise1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Anyone else read the title in Troy Bakers voice? lol

overrated441769d ago

I can definitely say I'm buying a PS4 soon entirely due to the release of this game. If not for Infamous Second Son I probably would have waited until around fall, but I have to play this game at launch.

lawgone1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

@Abriel...Most of the tweets are from the developer and as for the ones from the actors, what do you think they are going to say? "Yeah, we played it and it came just kinda average." This is hardly news worthy. "All the people involved in making the game think it's awesome! Yay!"

And to the guy stoked about scanning in Seattleites - do they look different than any other people? LOL. I found it odd that they mentioned it. Like Seattleites are a strange creature rarely seen in the wild but they were able to capture some on video. Ha

FamilyGuy1769d ago

^If you lived in Seattle you might be more stoked at the idea of coming across someone you've seen in real life walking about in the game.

Other than that you're just trolling and pessimistic.

Does the game look like it's going to be a disappointment? Even from what we've seen it looks great and whenever something new has been shown the reception has been positive so it shouldn't be hard to believe that anyone seeing more than what we've seen would be stoked about that new content.

Troll are getting more pathetic by the day.
Not every voice actor gives positive reception on every title they're in. He didn't even have to reply but went out of his way to make it clear just how excited he was about the game.
Seems pretty genuine to me.

SpankyBadger1769d ago

Buying a ps4 in march for this game.

mewhy321768d ago

This game looks incredible. It goes to show what can be done with the PS4 hardware when parity for a lesser console isn't an issue. I'm 'stoked' for this one too.

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showtimefolks1769d ago

day one buy for me personally along with mlb the show in march

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1768d ago

I'd say the same thing if I was trying to sell games against TitanFalls launch.

bennissimo1768d ago


The Order is still the only PS4 AAA exclusive worth buying in 2014.

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Majin Uchiha1769d ago

Too many games come out in March, ugh, can't wait for this game though, my PS4 is hungry :)

dboyman1769d ago

Hope your PS4 does not literally eat you game disc though...

badz1491769d ago

The only recent concole that literally eat game discs and scratching them is the 360.

dboyman1768d ago

True. But since the PS4 just came out, and is such a new console, there is always the issues of the very small % of consoles that are faulty systems, including those with drives not working properly. Happened to a friend's PS4 stopped working and game disc stuck in system. Had send to Sony to repair/replace.

WeAreLegion1769d ago

I need to play it right now!!!

iR_phantasm1769d ago

March, the new October/November.

Abriael1769d ago

March has pretty much always been the spring flood. Both March and November are pretty much common to most industries for big releases :D

Destrania1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

At least I'll have Thief and whatever else releases to hopefully hold me until the epicness that will be Infamous Second Son releases!!!

iR_phantasm1768d ago

Toukiden and Ronpa will keep me occupied on the Vita side as well =}

Gamesgbkiller1769d ago

And I don't want to see anything until I get my hands on it.

Conzul1769d ago

I know. I have a feeling that if there's another trailer, they'll do just the TINIEST teases of another power - and I DON'T want to see any more at this point.
Just let the awesome happen once I buy it.

What I'd love is a trailer detailing how you might upgrade the chain melee. Hope it IS upgradeable. Would be awesome to go all Ghost Rider on their asses with lotsa fiery-chain moves.