Troy Baker Addresses Fans' Concerns Over Last of Us Part II, Almost Didn't Audition for Joel

The announcement of Last of Us Part II has fans worried, but Troy Baker is positive that he and the crew at Naughty Dog have "got this".

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mafiahajeri474d ago

What concerns? That's the real question.

bluefox755474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

As a huge fan of TLoU, I was concerned, and still am, that Joel's role will take a back seat to Ellie's, that his role in the sequel will be much smaller and more minor than his role in the original.

@generic I disagree, it was both of their story, a shared adventure, he had about the same amount of his story told as Ellie's to be honest. Aside from the beginning, the whole game was those 2. Factor in the DLC, and the game told a pretty equal amount of story for both. I thought the characters were at their best when adventuring together, it created an interesting dynamic. It was less interesting when Ellie was alone. This is of course just my opinion, I'll still buy and play it, but not a fan of the direction it's taking.

@Articuno76 I disagree. After what Ellie and Joel went through together, the fact that one of them would disappear from the sequel seems absurd. I'm not sure why you think the original ending would imply otherwise. Regardless though, in my own opinion, I think Joel was such an excellent character that the game would suffer from his loss, or even diminished role in the game. Once again though, that's just me.

generic-user-name474d ago

His story was told in the first game, his role should be smaller and I believe it will be too.

Articuno76474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

"As a huge fan of TLoU, I was concerned, and still am, that Joel's role will take a back seat to Ellie's, that his role in the sequel will be much smaller and more minor than his role in the original."

I see that as less of a concern and more of a necessity. Truth be told, I don't feel Joel should even be in this game at all as The Last of Us was a game about the end of their relationship. So either Ellie needs to go, or Joel does OR (the third possibility) is that they both stay, but are paired up with different characters (and the game is about those relationships).

It strikes me as more respectful of the original ending if Joel just wasn't in it at all and we were left to draw our own assumptions on what had happened to him.

I'm not really concerned about the quality of the game and story-telling within it though. This is Naughty Dog after all. I'm just concerned about how it fits in with the original game (and right now the answer is 'poorly'). That won't stop it being an excellent game in its own right, but it does detract something from the power of the ending of the first game when a developer makes moves that seemingly contradict (or even retcon) it.

ChronoJoe474d ago


Not sure how you interpreted the end of the first game as the end of the relationship between Joel and Ellie, that clearly wasn't the case.

DashArrivals474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

OMG, just let Naughty Dog do their thing please. NOBODY cares what you want.

rainslacker474d ago

TLOU story was primarily about Joel and his journey back to humanity. Ellie was more a catalyst to that end. While she was a fully developed character, her place in the story and her actual character development was nowhere near as deep as Joel's was.

I feel Joel himself has pretty much covered in the original game, as we came to care about him early, and empathize with him. We know he did some dodgy stuff in that 20 year gap between the prologue and Chapter 1, and that he had lost a lot of his humanity and didn't care about much. We saw him overcome that through him coming to care about Ellie, and it all came full circle.

We really only saw a bit of growth from Ellie, and most of it was her simply finding a father figure and someone to trust. The Left Behind DLC did expand on her character, but I feel her character has a lot more exploration, particularly since people change from a teenager to a young adult like you will see here.

I do hope Joel has a significant part though. I love both characters, but if not, then his place in the story is likely not going to expand his character much, and likely will serve to help Ellies character grow in some way like we saw in Joel in the first game.

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ChronoJoe474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

Personally my concern is that it will tell a story I didn't want. I enjoyed the first game and liked the ambiguous ending. Like the ending of movies like Drive, sometimes it's nice not to know explictely how the lives of the heroes pans out. It affords the viewer the agency to make their own guesses and assumptions, and a direct sequel takes that away.

TLOU has the potential to be a big universe but it's focus on just two characters is a very narrow. That's just my opinion though, I don't think the game will be bad or anything like that, I'm sure ND will do a good job.

I'm actually super excited for multiplayer too. That's probably the biggest part of the game for me.

UltraNova474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

Even though I find what you said interesting I m thinking do we really need another Walking Dead in our hands? A Post apocalyptic drama about various characters interactions and social issues with a splash of gore here and there?

Personally I dont.

I loved Joel's and Ellie's adventure and I would like to see them find a way to put an end to the pandemic, given Ellie's...assets with out introducing a ton of supporting characters that would inevitably interfere with the two protagonists isolated interaction.

That said, its ND behind this so trust we must have in them.

ChronoJoe473d ago

I don't necessarily want a large cast of characters but I would like it to focus on another character or pair of characters personally. I don't want to see a game that focuses on the interactions of a larger group of characters, just different ones to Joel and Ellie.

That said, like I say, i don't mind this. I don't think ND will do a bad job, I just liked to imagine the ending for Joel and Ellie more than I would enjoy having it told to me. While TLOU had a relatively sinister ending, it was also quite hopeful, and my worry is that ND will continue their tale until it ultimately has to end in an inevitable tragedy.

Articuno76474d ago (Edited 474d ago )


I'm not saying that they would separate immediately but that their relationship is compromised and on the way to its inevitable end. Why do you think the game ends on the lie. Why does that lie even matter? The answer is because it is that exact moment that is what the game is about (The Last moment/End of Joel and Ellie's relationship).

And it's not just Joel and Ellie. TLOU is a series of vignettes about character pairs that have the ends of their relationships come to an end OR have the last moments of those relationships retroactively examined (in the case of Bill).

And let me ask you another question. Given the most important, grand moment in the game was the curtain coming down on the discord sown by the lie. What would make you think that relationship isn't somehow irrevocably compromised or tainted in some way? Why even end on the lie if there's not any significance behind it and they are just going to go on like normal?

So there it is. I interpreted the ending that way by the trends in the story-telling that appear to be creating a theme across its characters stories. When I hear Ellie say 'Okay' at the very end it sounds to me like 'Okay... (I don't believe you)'. And can you imagine what that simmering mistrust would congeal into? Certainly not a blossoming relationship between the two.

dumahim474d ago

That the first game was good as it was and didn't need a sequel. It would be better left alone. Even if they did do a sequel, use different characters.

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Moe-Gunz474d ago

People are concerned? ND track record speaks for itself.

zivtheawesome474d ago ShowReplies(10)
UCForce474d ago

Yeah, I agree. The community want this.

AnubisG474d ago

Who was concerned about what?

kneon474d ago

Well people are concerned that Naughty Dog are going to make other developers look mediocre, again.

Dirtnapstor474d ago

Lol good one. And you have a valid point. There's a lot of great games out there, but TLOU overshadows.

Meltic474d ago

I'm with you with this one. Naught Dog and CDPR is the best devs out there, cant compare at all. The other devs is jelly

Livecustoms474d ago

No one should be worried. Naughty Dog always continue to live up to expectations I dont know how but they do. However people need to have realistic expectations, TLOU will be extremely hard to top, but if its anywhere near as good i'll be happy !

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