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10 Reasons to Pick the Nvidia Shield Tablet over iPad Air 2

16d ago - When it comes to shopping for tablets this holiday season, there are two main contenders: The Nvi... | Android

Hardcore Droid’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014

24d ago - Hardcore Droid - 2014 has been a banner year for the Android platform, a phenomenon as true for A... | iPhone

The Best Holiday Gifts for Mobile Gamers: The Most Hardcore Android Gadgets 2014

25d ago - Hardcore Droid: As a gamer, there’s no better gift I enjoy receiving than games, whether digital... | Android

TriBlaster Nvidia Shield Gameplay Interview

30d ago - Developer Jean Baptiste Franjeulle explains how TriBlaster takes advantage of Nvidia Shield techn... | Android

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Nvidia Shield Tablet Console Mode

34d ago - Nvidia used BlizzCon 2014 to demonstrate the console mode for its new Tegra K1-powered Shield Tab... | PC

NVIDIA Shield 32GB LTE Gaming Tablet Now Available for $399

84d ago - Maximum PC: For those of you who've been waiting for Nvidia to start shipping its Shield gaming t... | PC

Nvidia Shield Tablet Gameplay Demo

93d ago - Nvidia details the quality of PC games and Android games that can be played on the new Tegra K1-p... | Android

Strike Suit Zero Nvidia Shield Tablet Preview

107d ago - Born Ready Games' developer James Brooksby explains how the high-end PC shooter Strike Suit Zero... | PC

Nvidia Shield Tablet Review - IncGamers

121d ago - IncGamers get their streaming on with the Nvidia Shield Tablet. How does this new device compare... | PC

Top 5 Android Gaming Tablets of 2014

138d ago - In the market for a new Android tablet? You’ve got quite a few choices compared to iOS. Instead o... | Android

Gaijin on bringing War Thunder to Nvidia Shield

154d ago - Gamereactor met up with War Thunder creative director Kirill Yudintsev to learn more about the ga... | PC

Call us when you have Steam, NVidia Shield

155d ago - From the article, "Today NVidia officially announced its new tablet, the NVidia Shield Tablet. It... | Android

Nvidia’s Shield 2 Gaming Handheld Release Date Confirmed – Will Land Sometime in August

176d ago - The release date of the upcoming Nvidia Shield 2 Gaming Hand held has been confirmed along with a... | Android

DubWars Gameplay Preview Interview

184d ago - Mura Interactive developer Joe Albrethsen previews DubWars for Nvidia Shield in this exclusive ga... | Android

Nvidia Shield HD TV Demo With Andrew Fear

225d ago - Nvidia Project Manager for GRID demonstrates how Shield transforms an HD TV (or 4K TV) into a por... | Android

Half-Life 2 Unexpectedly Launches Today on NVIDIA Shield

226d ago - While Portal had been confirmed for a release today on the Android handheld, Half-Life 2 came alo... | Android

NVIDIA SHIELD Now Offers Half-Life 2 and Portal

227d ago - NVIDIA has confirmed with an awesome video that Half Life 2 and Portal are available to their Shi... | Tech

Nvidia Shield Unboxing

227d ago - Unboxing Nvidia's portal beast. | Mobile

NVIDIA Teases Half-Life 2 on Shield with a Crowbar

229d ago - Recently, NVIDIA sent a green crowbar to multiple PC and Android related websites. Some text engr... | Android

Nvidia Shield Portal Gameplay Demo With Jason Paul

231d ago - Jason Paul, the director of Nvidia Shield, walks us through what's new with the portable Android... | Android

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Interview: Jason Paul Talks Bringing PC and Consoles Together Through NVIDIA Shield

241d ago - PAX East 2014 featured plenty for those that love PC gaming to admire and look at – accessories,... | PC

Shield 2 in the making? Details appear of potential sequel – including the Tegra K1

245d ago - Just a month after the launch of the first model of the Nvidia Shield, new details have surfaced... | Tech

Jett Tailfin Racers Nvidia Shield Interview

245d ago - Hoplite Research founder Manny Granillo demos the Jett Tailfin Racers on Nvidia Shield featuring... | Android

NVIDIA Shield Impressions and Interview – PAX East 2014

252d ago - SheAttack had a chance to get hands on with the NVIDIA Shield. Although the Shield has been out f... | PC

PAX East 2014: Nvidia G-sync and GeForce takes PC gaming to new heights

253d ago - GamerFitNation: Nvidia was pumping out the power while we were at their booth at PAX East. GamerF... | PC
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