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How Nvidia's Shield Just Became The Best Handheld Gaming Console Available

Forbes: "Nvidia's Shield doesn’t receive a fraction of the hype and fanfare normally associated with established handhelds from Sony and Nintendo . It may not even have the mindshare that niche devices like the Wikipad or Razer Edge have. That needs to change immediately, because Shield just became the indispensable swiss army knife of portable gaming devices with a newly announced OTA (over the air) update from Nvidia." (Android, Mobile, NVIDIA, Nvidia Shield, PC)

PoSTedUP  +   558d ago
sounds really good, better than what the vita can do. the only thing is size and dedicated games, i bring my vita everywhere (dmv, traffic court, laundromat, bar etc.) fits right in my pocket and pop-out LBP or any of my psp and ps1 games whenever and wherever. also its digital only etc. but if youre a handheld gamer that has a decent pc, this sounds like the perfect friend for vacations, sitting at home or inbetween classes etc. it would be better if they made a slim version, or if MS picked this up and supported it.
SilentNegotiator  +   556d ago
But "The Best Handheld Gaming Console" shouldn't have to be streaming to achieve greatness. It almost may as well just be a home PC if you have to be hooked up to constant, consistent internet.
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randomass171  +   556d ago
Seems to be ahead of its time. Constant streaming seems like something we're moving toward as an industry. Playstation's classic streaming service exemplifies this, and that can run on Vita if I'm not mistaken. Only thing to question is whether or not it works well, that's what matters most.
cloud495  +   556d ago
I'm not too sure on this but I believe you have to use your home network. ( so same network as your pc)
So you can't really take it out of your house to stream games.
BakPAin  +   556d ago
You obviously didnt read article! They say you can sign In from anywhere in world!
cloud495  +   555d ago
Looks like I was semi-right. Out-of-house streaming update will come out on April 2nd.
thisismyaccount  +   556d ago
Meanwhile im playing Resogun and Fifa 14 on my Vita where i work. :)
jocelot  +   555d ago
BETTER THAN THE VITA?? come on man?? really??? have u ever tried a vita???? come on... well its a free world, any one can say whatever they want, even if they don't have any idea...
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PoSTedUP  +   555d ago
ive had a vita for over 2 years, and have never gone a day without playing it. "1080p upscaled streaming" is better than "what the vita can 'Do'". i didnt say it was better in general.
SteamPowered  +   556d ago
Holy Jesus god, yes! The crappy range is the only thing keeping me from buying one of these units. Streaming full 1080p games from my pc to anywhere I go is a dream!! I'm buying one after April 5th for sure!
jocelot  +   555d ago
now this guy really knows what he's talking about... he wants to play 1080p in a 1280x720.. awesome man.. awesome... really???
SteamPowered  +   555d ago
Oh, what handheld console are you streaming your pc games to? None? Well it looks like shield has you beat. Can you really tell the difference on a 4" screen junior? No? Hmmm, well I guess you can just troll along.
KonsoruMasuta  +   556d ago
Man, to tell the truth, I forgot the shield even existed. It does sound interesting though.
tubers  +   556d ago
Portal on Shield huh. Wonder how optimized it would end up being.

$ 199 price drop ain't too bad. I'll wait for a BF Deal, hopefully $ 150.

"Nvidia just announced that Valve’s critically-acclaimed puzzle game/FPS Portal has been ported to Shield and is running natively on the device. It joins the 300+ Shield-supported Android games currently available. No word yet on pricing or if the game could be bundled with Shield in the future."
Akuma07  +   556d ago
Another niche product.

PC gaming is full of niche products. PC gaming itself is becoming a niche product.
SteamPowered  +   556d ago
Complainers for no reason are a niche product. And nobody wants them.
thezeldadoth  +   556d ago
do you feel better now? You made a semi-quirky anti-pc comment on n4g.
URNightmare  +   556d ago
He definitely has suicidal tendencies.
Th3o  +   556d ago
no ur a niche product:(
2pacalypsenow  +   556d ago
My friend bought one and returned it buggy pos
Cobra951  +   556d ago
Wait, streaming? That's not the same thing as a self-contained portable gaming system. I'm just not into the idea of streaming anything more interactive than movies and music. Too much worry about lag and not having local control of the entire experience.
wannabe gamer  +   556d ago
it does both, self-contained games and streaming from a PC to take advantage of an already built library of supported titles
porkChop  +   556d ago
Its "self-contained games" are all mobile Android games. Very few of them offer any real depth or quality.
mixelon  +   556d ago
Works well for vita, no reason to think it won't for shield too.. Eurogamer even said it works a bit better I think.

Lag isnt that much of a problem, i played quite a bit of infamous and AC4 away from home on the vita.. Its great for mopping up open world busywork stuff you dont care about having on your home cinema setup.

Mentioning lag - i use the vita as a fourth controller for my ps4 for rayman and towerfall, nobody using it has mentioned lag, and it'd be painfully obvious in towerfall particularly.
LAWSON72  +   556d ago
I might get one of these eventually, because I could use the portability around the house.
ninjahunter  +   556d ago
Hmm, now to decide between the shield and tegra note 7. The shields cool, but the controller definitely butchers a lot of functionality.
Ninjatogo  +   556d ago
But it has no gaems. XB
Streaming is cool and all, but from what the article is saying, this is only for nVidia card owners. Otherwise meaning not only do you need a gaming PC, but you need one with a fairly recent GPU from nVidia.

Can't say I agree with the title.
SteamPowered  +   556d ago
But if you DO have a gaming rig with nvidia card then you have a massive library of games. I would start this portable console with 50 games and no cost. This could be a Massive game changer for pc gamers.
Scatpants  +   556d ago
Its a shame its so stupid looking.
Mr Tretton  +   556d ago
All I can say is that's one sweet price drop. Still don't think I need one though, yet.
BX81  +   556d ago
Do I need a pc to use this? I forgot this thing came out.
BakPAin  +   556d ago
Yes a rig with a nvidia gpu.
ninjahunter  +   556d ago
It can play android games without a PC, but not PC games since their streamed from your pc to the shield.
BX81  +   556d ago
Thanks, super helpful. Bubs for both.
Soldierone  +   556d ago
Not really. Nvidia fans will cry, but this thing is a poor attempt at a handheld. The system itself is basically an Xbox controller with a screen on it. Whoever designed that forgot this thing is supposed to be portable.

Then people are saying "Vita doesn't do that" well it does with PS4. And yeah its specific, just like you need a NVidia card and gaming PC to do the same thing here.

I used the device at E3 and from that impression it wasn't great. Portal will just hit other devices at some point, it doesn't even have Vita quality graphics.
the worst  +   556d ago
what ever. this thing still wont sell
assdan  +   556d ago
Cool stuff, but I still don't ever see myself buying it.
gamerz  +   556d ago
I have a 3DS, Vita, and Shield. They are all great with lots of fun games. Life is short. Play more games!
Xristo  +   556d ago
Someone who gets it! In all honestly, well said!
Lou Ferrigno  +   556d ago
meh, the price is dropping most likey to make way for the nVidia Shield 2.
Ill wait for when they announce that.. i don't dig the low screen res on the shield..1280x800 is wack for 199 price tag atm.. maybe if they drop it to $99 then possibru ;)
SteamPowered  +   556d ago
PS Vita doesnt even have that resolution. They got 960 X 544. What more do you expect for $200?
Lou Ferrigno  +   556d ago
Mr steamPowered: the Vita also has a high quality OLED screen compared to the Shields LCD..Which is still a good screen, but not for that low of a resolution.. When you are in an electronics retailer next time.. Put the two side by side and you will see what I am talking about.
Psygnosis333  +   556d ago
I will buy this shield only if it drops to $49 + batteries included
ramiuk1  +   556d ago
your pc also has to be on while playing the games obviously
but does the game run on your pc then streams it to device ?

so u have the cost of pc being on and power usage?
Elronza  +   556d ago
I'm an NVIDIA Shield owner and it is a true fact that the Nvidia Shield is the greatest handheld/console ever!
Elronza  +   554d ago
And yes the Nvidia Shield does play games in full 1080p connected to your TV.

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