Nintendo GameCube & Wii games come to China on NVIDIA Shield

Nintendo is teaming up with NVIDIA to release some of its Wii and Gamecube games in China for the first time.

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higgins78373d ago

While nice, buying a Wii and said games will cost you much, much less than buying a Shield and said games. Also, I'm not familiar with Shields joypad, Wii Motion for games such as Galaxy (for example) would be a stumbling block, surely.

ABizzel1373d ago

The benefit for this is being on NVIDIA hardware which is much more popular than a gaming console in China, due to being an open platform.

China is a gaming PC region. The shield is an android device, so with this they can try to build up a desire for Nintendo IP's by having them on hardware that generally sells much better in China, in the effort to build brand awareness and desire for Nintendo hardware in the future.

It's a calculated move, and shows just how in touch with modern GLOBAL gaming Nintendo's new President is on the business side. Iwata will always be remembered within Nintendo, but this is a much better Nintendo than years past.

darthv72373d ago

And seeing that Switch is a form of Shield (in a sense) then it is looking like wii and GCN games may be making their way to the Switch as a result of this.

morganfell372d ago

Nvidia Shield TV is the best gaming device I have purchased in some time. I stream all my movies and music to my 75in 4k with Plex on Shield and I stream any PC game I want including Steam games to the living room and play them with a Shield Controller. You can actually use any controller with the Shield but I like the layout with the extra buttons.

_-EDMIX-_372d ago

@Darth- " GCN games may be making their way to the Switch as a result of this"

Not really.

That is based on Nintendo, business and their policy, its not a matter of "if" it can be done. MOST times its simply a matter of if it make business sense to them. Consider PS2 and PS1 emulation.

On PS4, sure...that can't really be NOT possiible, so a emulator on PC doesn't automatically mean "may be making their way to the PS4".

I don't believe even once it was ever a matter of Nintendo not being able to, or Sony for that mater with PS1 and PS2. The PS3, I understand with the whole cell thing, but PS1 and PS2 emulation not being on PS4 sounds simply like a business stand point thing. Thats how I see GC and Wii stuff on Switch too anyway (but also consider GC and Wii are disk based home consoles, Switch is a portable)

I do expect to see some GC and Wii titles on VC though, just not as a result of this.

Sgt_Slaughter372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

If you read the details, it's only for China right now, plus the games are getting standard controls AND upscaled to 1080p at the equivalent of $10.

Also for China this will be the first time they can play these games. Never were released there.

NotoriousWhiz372d ago

Mario Galaxy without motion controls? Yes, please.

EddieNX 372d ago

No excuse to not come to Switch

_-EDMIX-_372d ago


I still fully expect GC, Wii U, Wii, N64 games on VC later though.

LIGATURE372d ago

Shield got got one of those metal gear games that was on the vita aswell😢

instantstupor372d ago

Which game was that? The only Metal Gear game I can recall coming to the Vita was the MGS HD Collection. The PSP had a bunch of spinoffs in ACID and Portable Ops. Curious what ended up going to the Shield...

shuvam09372d ago

Virtual Console almost confirmed!!!

instantstupor372d ago

Yea. The fact that Shield is getting it first is truly bizarre. You'd think with all the clambering people have done for Virtual Console on Switch, Nintendo would want that to be shown on Switch first. Maybe they are working out the kinks in a limited capacity by using Shield first? I can't quite figure out the thought process. Interesting nonetheless!