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Metroid: The Sky Calls - This ambitious live action Metroid fan film is worth watching

27d ago - Metroid has been re-imagined as a '70s sci-fi epic in an impressive new fan film, titled Metroid... | Culture

Gaming's 5 Toughest Implacable Characters

47d ago - Adam from GamersFTW asks "Who are gaming's top juggernauts, the characters that don't stop pursui... | Culture

See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

Top 5: Female Video Game Characters We Want to Date

58d ago - TGN: "Let’s have some fun today and talk about our top five most dateable female video game chara... | PC

Metroid´Samus Aran is NOT a transgender woman, and this is the reason why

86d ago - As Brianna Wu and Ellen McGrody claimed that Metroid´s Samus Aran is a transgender woman (shemale... | Culture

Super Mario Maker level brings Metroid to Wii U (sort of)

100d ago - Metroid fans have been disappointed in recent years by a lack of any new Samus Aran adventures. N... | Wii U

Classic Gaming’s 10 Worst-Kept Secrets

104d ago - GI: Though they have been largely eliminated in today’s gaming landscape thanks to downloadable... | Culture

Video-Game Companions For Your Zombie Apocalypse Group

105d ago - Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Human beings often wonder what is going to happen when, and i... | Wii

Twitter Commemorates Metroid Anniversary With #MetroidCelebration, Hip Tanaka And Sammus Join In

105d ago - The two musicians certainly lent the fan celebration a legitimacy it truly deserved. | Culture

Exclusive: MercurySteam Has Been Working On A Metroid Prototype For Wii U And 3DS

107d ago - NL: One enduring rumour that has quietly been circulating in the Spanish games industry is that... | Wii U

Seven Game Series Begging For The Super Mario Maker Treatment

114d ago - GI Super Mario Maker captured the imaginations of Nintendo fans at this year's E3. The Nintend... | Culture

10 Most Shocking Video Game Twists of All Time

138d ago - Gamerant As games continue to evolve, their capacity to tell great stories expands. Over the l... | Culture

The Nintendo Confrence, was it a dud?

164d ago - Dan, Joe and their special guest Micky, talk about Nintendo's Confrence. Was it really as bad as... | Wii U

Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at E3 - Metroid

170d ago - NL: To kick things off we'll take a look at Metroid, a fan-favourite franchise that Nintendo has... | Wii U

Bender's E3 Predictions: A New Metroid Game, Club Nintendo's Successor, & The Last Guardian Finally?

171d ago - Short Pause: "This year's E3 expo is fast approaching! The Short Pause crew is getting excited an... | PS4

People should stop saying 'Metroidvania'

171d ago - An account of why the term 'Metroidvania' is inaccurate and should not be regularly used by the v... | Culture

“The Pig, The Brain, The Lizard” Art Piece Pays Tribute to Three of Gaming’s Best Boss Fights

173d ago - EB: The French Paper Art Club has four fantastic video game art pieces by Nick Derington for sale... | Culture

E3 2015 HITLIST: Metroid Prime (Wii U, 3DS) | PlayerEssence

187d ago - Francis discusses the possibility that Nintendo will unveil a new Metroid game for the Wii U and/... | Wii U

Platinum hinting of work on Metroid franchise?

196d ago - The above is a tweet spotted by Tmann26, we are all curious as to whether it is simply a Bayo pro... | Wii U

10 Games That Changed The Way We Play

228d ago - CheatCC counts down ten games that changed the way we play. | Culture

Top 10 Metroid Games

230d ago - Watchmojo countdown their picks for the Top 10 Metroid Games. | Culture

Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post

Five Video Games That Trolled Gamers

242d ago - Here are five games that screwed with gamers’ heads. Just because they could. | Culture

Does It Make More Business Sense to Cater to Female Gamers?

255d ago - Is there a completely untapped market just waiting to be seized? | Culture

The Best Adaptations of Video Games On Print

269d ago - Think all adaptations of video games suck? Think again! | Culture

The World of Metroidvanias: History

291d ago - Ashley Kemp writes: "While the history of video games is a relatively short one, it is certainly... | Industry

Top 5 Collectathon Video Games

293d ago - Kdin takes us on a trip through the Top 5 Collectathon Video Games! He covers the Assassin's Cree... | Culture
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