The top 5 power suits in gaming [BeefJack]

List with a Twist: Game protagonists love a good suit, whether it’s for style, practicality or protecting against headcrab bites there isn’t an action hero this side of 1990 who sets foot outside without a quality power suit on. Anthony Bushell suits up in his best whistle and flute to run down five of the best…

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Yi-Long2321d ago

No Vanquish!? No Shadow Complex!? No Turrican!?

hay2321d ago

No Muscle Suit from MGS4? It kept Snake as strong as he was 'cause of his accelerated aging. Imagine the hardships he must've endured during last portions of the game. As epic as it can be.

Solid_Snake372320d ago

true, and the tags on the article kind of spoiled it anyway

fragnificent2321d ago

what about earth worm Jim's Ultra-High-Tech Indestructible Super Space Cyber Suit.???

hay2320d ago

This definitely should be on the list.

ninjahunter2321d ago

Well, Props for avoiding the power armor in halo, haha.
It only took 2 non power suits to accomplish a list without it.

Muffins12232321d ago

Brother hood of steel and master chief anyone?

Slugg3r2320d ago

This could have easily been top 10 list. Leaving out Master Chief's armor is just unacceptable, I mean it may be the most recognisable power armor in the industry, possibly losing only to Gordon's HEV-suit.

DragonKnight2320d ago

Nope. I'd say Samus' suit is instantly more recognizable by a wide margin.

jeremyKX2320d ago

One of the more original "top #" lists I have seen in a while.