Dark Souls is more Zelda than Zelda, more Metroid than Metroid

Zelda's and Metroid's embrace of open exploration and tantalizing discovery continues on in From Software's Dark Souls. But From Software may understand what makes Zelda and Metroid such revered classics more than Nintendo does itself.

We love these titles because they let us investigate alien worlds and discover hidden treasure with only our wits to aid us. The seductive embrace of open exploration drives our hearts to push further, dig deeper, and look closer. From Software reminds us how a game can titillate our imagination in ways that other mediums cannot.

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NagaSotuva2376d ago

I actually like backtracking in games like Metroid and Arkham Asylum. Do previously explored areas in Dark Souls get locked out as you progress through the game? I heard you can miss out on many items if you're not thorough in your exploration.

illegalyouth2376d ago

No areas ever become locked out at all, but you could miss some items that are based on drop rates. The minibosses and and bosses don't come back until the next playthrough.

christheredhead2376d ago

illegalyouth is correct. the open world is open at all times. certain areas are locked at the beginning of the game if that's what you mean. yet once you open a door, gate, area, etc. you are free to go back to said area whenever you want.

Gungnir2376d ago

I'm constantly amazed how interconnected the world of Dark Souls is when I find a new shortcut.

FunAndGun2376d ago

for real! I want to know how they designed the levels. It all fits together like it's a real place.

Nevers2376d ago

I couldn't agree more. And that scenario happens alot. I'll get really far and then take an eleavator, staircase, or ladder only to find out that I'm right back where I was fretting about getting back to... when I opened the door in Darkroot Basin and found that armored dude with the club just on the other side I might have pooped myself... again. I'm pretty sure I at least sharted just a little. I think I've only now found my first true "dead-end" area with Ash Lake. I still have tons more of the game to traverse. (spoiler?)I haven't even ventured beyond the locked gate that was opened after ringing the 2nd bell.

I seriously love this game. I am very seriously thinking of postponing my purchase of SKYRIM because I'm so in love with playing Dark Souls. Don't get me wrong... I'll still get SKYRIM eventually... but people have really gotten me thinking more about the GoY edition.. Also proly doing that with Batman Arkham Asylum as well. I really want to play both but don't have the time while still working slowly through Gears 3 + possible DLC, Ico/SotC, Dark Souls and my go-to guilty addiction to FFxi.

My wallet and my freetime are just getting stomped by this huge season of awesome games I really want to play...

Captain Qwark 92376d ago

well then prepare for another shart, turn left from where you fight the hydra toward the waterfall and on the right of the waterfall you will find a ladder, now ash lake isnt a dead end either ;)

DARK SOULS FTW!!!!!! ( but fyi i still think skyrim will be the greatest RPG ever, DS is def up there though )

Nevers2376d ago

Nah... not the Hydra in Darkroot Basin. I already found/killed that one. I'm talking about the one at the bottom of the Great Hollow in Ash Lake. As far as I can find the only way out is back up the tree. Correct me if I'm missing something though.

I'm too weak to kill the Hydra or the killer clams down in Ash Lake... but the clams drop Twinkling upgrade stones I want for upgrading my Astora's Longsword and other armor. I found that I can get the Hydra to kill them for me when it switches sides of the sandbar to get to you. I've left messages regarding the best placement to get this to happen. Have fun.

Sadie21002376d ago

"From Software may understand what makes Zelda and Metroid such revered classics more than Nintendo does itself."


SybaRat2376d ago

Funny, I tend to associate Dark Souls with something more along the lines of Wire Mother.

THR1LLHOUSE2376d ago

Why does comparing Dark Souls to the colorful fun of Nintendo remind me of the Sirens from Greek mythology?

Probably something about the impending death...

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