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Deep Dive: Discoveries

16d ago - Discoveries in WildStar have been modified slightly to give players more things to explore in Nexus. | PC

5 Reasons Wildstar Deserves Another Look

20d ago - 5 reasons WildStar deserves another look. | PC

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

WildStar Activates Free-to-Play Closed Beta

22d ago - WildStar's free-to-play Closed Beta is now live and Carbine wants YOUR feedback to shape WildStar... | PC

WildStar Dungeons & Raids Gameplay Interview

342d ago - Carbine Studios developer Nick Roth discusses the new dungeons and raids gameplay experience in N... | PC

WildStar President Jeremy Gaffney Steps Down

370d ago - The President of Carbine Studios behind WildStar, Jeremy Gaffney has stepped down. He's seeking t... | Industry

WildStar Retroblade now available

417d ago - The new Retroblade mount, a reward for players using 2 Step account authorization, is now availab... | PC

Get your exclusive new WildStar mount with two-step authentication

418d ago - Pixel Dynamo reports on the free WildStar mount being given to players who activate 2-step authen... | PC

WildStar – Interview with Chad ‘Pappy’ Moore [Pixel Dynamo]

418d ago - Pixel Dynamo spend some time with Chad "Pappy" Moore, the Lead Narrative Designer on WildStar at... | PC

Review: WildStar – Helping You Remember All of Your Favorite Canceled Sci-Fi Shows I DualShockers

444d ago - MMO’s are meant to be many different things to their players. You have your hardcore PVPers, your... | PC

Interview – Carbine on WildStar by The Black Panel

472d ago - The Black Panel writes: Moore and Gaffney were kind enough to take us through some of the big cre... | PC

Wildstar : First Look Part 1 | theworkinggamer

480d ago - Nick Linnell of theworkinggamer writes : Hello and welcome to the first part in a series of First... | PC

Carbine Studios On WildStar PvP, Items, Content And More At PAX East

503d ago - The Carbine Studios panel team at PAX East 2014 talks about what makes WildStar, its MMO pride an... | PC

Nab a WildStar Beta Key from Curse for this Weekend's Testing Event: Now open to ALL

517d ago - Curse is proud to present all users with beta keys for Carbine's highly anticipated MMO, Wildstar... | PC

WildStar Launches in June, Pre-Orders up Next Wednesday

539d ago - Hardcore Gamer: WildStar has built up an incredible amount of hype for a brand-new IP. With 1.4 m... | PC

GamerZines | Exclusive Wildstar Art Director Interview

595d ago - GamerZines writes: Last month we had the privilege of meeting celebrated art director Matt Moc... | PC

WildStar Reveals Fourth Class: Stalker

644d ago - Unigamesity: The fourth class to be revealed by Carbine Studios in WildStar was the Stalker, a me... | PC

WildStar Reveals Third Class: Spellslinger

650d ago - Unigamesity: The third installation of the WildStar classes reveals that the third unique class i... | PC

WildStar Reveals Second Class: Esper!

655d ago - WildStar, an upcoming game developed by Carbine Studios, has just released their second class to... | PC

WildStar Preview Walkthrough With Carbine Studios - Part 2

728d ago - At PAX Prime in Seattle, Carbine Studios community manager David Bass offers a walkthrough of Wil... | PC

WildStar Preview Walkthrough With Carbine Studios

730d ago - At PAX Prime in Seattle Carbine Studios community manager David Bass plays through the new MMO Wi... | PC


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Carbine Teases Two New Wildstar Races

777d ago - Carbine is creating a new hype for WildStar Event at San Diego Comic-Con by releasing two new pos... | PC

WildStar Bussines Model to be Announced in August

778d ago - Last week during Develop13, an industry conference for game developers, Jeremy Gaffney, Carbine E... | PC

Wildstar Dev Speak Video Details Freeform Targeting

782d ago - The newest Dev Speak video, “Aiming”, goes into detail about just that – Wildstar’s combat aiming... | PC

WildStar coming to Comic Con 2013, San Diego

785d ago - Carbine Studios announced that two public events will take place this year during Comic Con next... | PC

Wildstar Devs Tease Wednesday Reveal

835d ago - From "We don’t know what it is, but the Wildstar team has something in store for... | PC
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