Wildstar Devs Tease Wednesday Reveal

"We don’t know what it is, but the Wildstar team has something in store for its fans. With a cryptic poster, adorned only with the words “Class Dismissed”, the date “05/22/13″ and a picture of an empty classroom, Mechari teacher at the front, Wildstar has got our minds working on overdrive. So what could it be? Well, there are really only three options we can think of:"

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Echel0n1858d ago

Cmon NCSoft...restore some of my faith in you...

caution41858d ago

They need to figure out a business model for MMO's or they're not going to have many chances left

kefkah1858d ago

Restored faith after Guild Wars 2? That is gonna take a lot for me.

xseven1858d ago

I'm starting to like this game more and more every time they drop new stuff.

Grayn1858d ago

This is looking pretty interesting. I am looking forward to seeing more classes.

kefkah1858d ago

Wonder if they will have rollbacks...

Volfenstein1855d ago

Totally different studio from ArenaNet guys. Carbine Studios is not Arena Net. NCSoft nor ArenaNet is not the studio developing this game. Please to have a little more sense in who is making the game and not who is backing the game with money.