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7 Best Games of the Year...1986

37d ago - Invisible Gamer counts down the seven best games of the year...1986. | Retro

Retro Recap: Bubble Bobble

267d ago - Tom Skidmore of The Koalition writes: A game about cute dragons and bubbles can't be that exciti... | Retro

Game of the Year Awards: 1986 - press-play

457d ago - The current year already coming to an end - one more reason to look wistfully to the past and sta... | PC

Pixelitis Picks: Characters to add to Super Smash Bros.

616d ago - "Doo doo doo doo… that familiar Super Smash Bros. menu music plays in the background as you wrest... | Wii U

Warner Bros. Unveils The Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine”

Now - The official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine” - has been unveiled by Warner Bros. | Promoted post

NES Games That Nintendo Should Consider Releasing For Its 3DS eShop

773d ago - We've seen Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man, and Super Mario Bros. But what's next? Here are some ideas. | 3DS

This Week in Gaming 12/30-1/5

788d ago - In This Week in Gaming, Hardcore Gamer takes a look back at some of the most newsworthy events in... | Culture

My Top 10 Games of 1986: The Best Video Games Over 25 years

859d ago - Nan Rymer of RantGaming writes: "Covering the best video games over the past 25 years of my life... | Culture

Eight Terrifying, Persistent Enemies from Non-Horror Video Games

870d ago - Horror games are purposely designed to scare you silly, so you’ve come to expect a bloody monster... | Retro

Citizen Gamecast - 11/09/2012

898d ago - On the mic - Nick Lynch, Richard Plant (Gameforge) and Mark Craven Content - We’re not going... | Xbox 360

Best NES Games of all time

1045d ago - Gamesradar: After the near total collapse of the console market in the US, it looked like vide... | Retro

Bubble Bobble Retro Merchandise Available From RetroGT

1091d ago - Our friends over at RetroGT have unleashed a brand new set of retro-themed merchandise, this time... | Culture

5 Games to Play with Your Date on V-Day!

1115d ago - Gaming has broadened it’s horizons in the past couple of years. So why not broadened yours and t... | GameCube

Games made me do it

1296d ago - The Reticule writes: As Monday evening’s London Evening Standard shows, games are evil. By simply... | Culture

Retro Corner: Bubble Bobble (Digital Spy)

1412d ago - Digital Spy writes: "Like so many classic arcade games that gobbled up an entire generation's loo... | Retro

The importance of archival marketplaces

1455d ago - Gaming culture needs archival marketplaces more than we know. Here's why. | Industry

Square Enix Update TAITO Classics for WiiWare

2153d ago - Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix interactive entertainment products in Europe and o... | 3,11,13

First Impressions: Bubble Bobble Plus!

2207d ago - Wiiware-world writes: I've got a confession to make, and it's not that I don't like Bubble B... | 3

Bubble Bobble Wiiware Screen Shots

2218d ago - Tiltedscreen.com has a set of new Bubble Bobble screen shots, and some info on the soon to be rel... | 3,11

Bubble Bobble Review (Wii) from Gamespot

2596d ago - Bubble Bobble's colorful cast of characters and pickups, as well as its chain-reaction bubble-bur... | 3

IGN Reviews Bubble Bobble

2606d ago - L. Thomas: "Fans of the long-running puzzle series Bust-a-Move will no doubt recognize... | 3

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

Virtual Console: Light Bubble Hunter?

2614d ago - Virtual Console releases for 12/31/07 TOP HUNTER (NEOGEO, 1-2 players, 900 Wii Points)... | 3
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