5 Games to Play with Your Date on V-Day!

Gaming has broadened it’s horizons in the past couple of years. So why not broadened yours and take a risk with your spouse or loved one to play some co-op games. From dance games to a sci-fi puzzler or the good ole fashion plumber. These are some of the games that will bring the two of you together on this holiday. Just don’t forget the candies, the flowers, and you might want to get some chinese take out and act like you made it yourself. Hey isn’t it the thought that counts right? This is a list of some of the games you and your special someone should play on Valentines Day.

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evilkillerk1807d ago

Not the list i would have made but its someones own personal perspective. But everyone has to keep in mind that peoples tastes are different, so find games that you both can join whether its pokemon all the was to gears of war 3.

guitarded771806d ago

I thought you're supposed to play Hide the Sausage on Valentine's Day.

TheRacingX1806d ago

is that the new one from Naughty Dog? Hopefully it doesn't need a bunch of patches after release....

TheSuperior 1807d ago

One things for sure... ill be gaming through v-day. My only dinner date is with me and my xbox lol XD

pandaboy1807d ago

you should dress your xbox in lingerie for your evening session.

TheSuperior 1806d ago

I was thinking about it. That's a great idea. She will look so sexy ;)


Well most the women I date don't want to play GOW3 or Pokemon. LOL trust me I don't think that COD or Battlefield fit on this list. Mario Kart should've been on this list!

TheSuperior 1807d ago

Agreed, i say the list is git for the occasion.

abombletap1807d ago

I so agree with that. most girls I dated are huge Wii fans. they dont play games online either.

Play2Win1807d ago

Left 4 Dead? That's some hard S*it though

enkeixpress1807d ago

Sex..? I believe that's a little bit like a game. xD

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