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MK - Rachel Lara (Cosplayer) Interview

1255d ago - Merlin'in Kazanı made an interview with the famous cosplayer Rachel Lara. | PC

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Survey Reveals Blu-Ray Disc and Game Demo Streaming Plans

1257d ago - Blizzard Entertainment is contacting BlizzCon Virtual Ticket viewers to fill out a research surve... | PC

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (3DS) Review

Now - Justin takes the latest 3DS remaster for a spin. | Promoted post

BlizzCon 2011 Store Merchandise Sales Again on November 11-18th

1267d ago - Blizzard Entertainment has sent out emails to BlizzCon 2011 attendees and Virtual Ticket online v... | PC

Preview: Diablo III [PC] (GamePron)

1271d ago - GamePron: One noticeable difference between Diablo II and III is the increased focus on the story... | PC

Working BlizzCon: an Editor’s Perspective

1277d ago - Adam Contini writes about what it was like to work at BlizzCon. "What follows is essentially my b... | PC

BlizzCon: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Preview (GamePron)

1277d ago - GamePron: At BlizzCon 2011 I had a chance to sit down and play the Monk class through the Pandare... | PC

Mists of Pandaria: Pandas, Dungeons, NPCs and Gameplay Development!

1278d ago - Another video has been released showing footage of Pandas, Mists of Pandaria Dungeons, some of th... | PC

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm interview with Brian Kindregan

1278d ago - Stealthyslyth says: At Blizzcon, I had the chance to do an interview with Brian Kindregan, Lead W... | PC

World of Warcraft - Introducing Tol’Vir Arena.

1279d ago - Blizzard released news at BlizzCon 2011 that a new arena map would be implemented with the releas... | PC

Gameolio Podcast Ep 40: Oh No Pandas!

1279d ago - Join Dan and Haven as they chat about BlizzCon 2011, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Diablo... | PC

World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria PVP Summary.

1280d ago - The majority of us are looking forward to what Mists of Pandaria will be bringing in terms of Pla... | PC

Castorcato’s Initial Thoughts On Mists Of Pandaria

1280d ago - “It’s all about war”, Chris Metzen announces in his usual hyped status. The guy could literally b... | PC

Hands-on Preview: Blizzard DOTA (GamePron)

1280d ago - GamePron: When I sat down to play Blizzard DOTA, I hadn’t ever played the original Defense of the... | PC

Blizzcon 2011 Report on Episode 20 of BJ Shea's Geek Nation

1281d ago - Gareth of Skewed and reviewed tells what happened at Blizzcon 2011 on Episode 20 of Geek Nation o... | Culture

DOTA 3 to be implemented into World of Warcraft?

1281d ago - Blizzard announced at BlizzCon 2011 that a new Battleground would be released with Mists of Panda... | PC

gamrTV Weekly - BlizzCon Video Roundup

1282d ago - This week on gamrTV Weekly: BlizzCon 2011, Mark Hamill, MineCraft, and Grand Theft Auto V are in... | PC

BlizzCon 2011 – Interview With Robert Krakoff, Founder of Razer

1283d ago - Here’s the first video of GoGoGamer's coverage from BlizzCon 2011 with your host, Erina! Erina... | PC

The Girls of BlizzCon 2011

1284d ago - A BlizzCon 2011 Babe Gallery | Culture

10 Great News From Blizzcon

1284d ago - Over the previous weekend, Blizzard have been having the gaming news scene all to their own as th... | PC

In 5 Minutes Special: BlizzCon 2011 Podcast

1284d ago - GB Writes: "On this special 40 minute long edition of "In 5 Minutes" (lets face it, it's never 5... | PC

Axiom Verge (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out this throwback to the classic SNES days. | Promoted post

BlizzCon 2011 Panel: Making of the "Black Soulstone" Cinematic Analysis

1285d ago - A complete illustrated run-down of the Black Soulstone cinematic shown at BlizzCon this year. | PC

Final Thoughts on BlizzCon

1285d ago - MLG's Galen Andress gives his final thoughts about his first BlizzCon experience, going over the... | PC

DongRaeGu interviewed at BlizzCon 2011

1285d ago - Slasher talks to DRG at BlizzCon about his first time at Blizzard's annual bash and what he's goi... | PC

MLG Interviews Destiny at BlizzCon

1285d ago - Quantic Gaming's Destiny talks about Blizzcon, Korea, Incredible Miracle and more. | PC

Fan Response to BlizzCon

1285d ago - Over the weekend, MLG was at BlizzCon to bring you coverage of all things StarCraft 2. Here's wha... | PC
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