Why Companies Promote Games Through Huge Money-Draining Events

It's not enough for video game makers to hype new franchises and titles with a sleek ad campaign and a trailer, these days. They're running huge events--like BlizzCon, which kicked off Friday--sometimes at a loss, to keep fans engaged.

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Agent Smith2437d ago

I would assume to promote their game.

Tanir2437d ago

exactly, its basic marketing, the bigger the event the more people can see it and be attracted

lorianguy2437d ago

From the question in the title, I have deduced an answer.

To sell more games!


Rageanitus2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

To simply increase the hype of a game and as a brand as a whole. If it wasnt for marketing I doubt xbox will be as big as it is today riding on gears and halo marketing.

Look at most of the tv ads for cod's they end the commercial of with xbox logos... makes it seem like an exclusive game on the xbox.

In general most casual gamers do not go onto sites like n4g so marketing is needed to fully expose the product in the payers favor.

YOu wouldnt believe how many times i spoke with xbox gamers and when talkingabout games they would respond back by saying "oh i didnt know it was on ps3 or PC I thought it was only on xbox "

GraveLord2437d ago

To get the less informed gamers and the casuals to buy the game. You know, those who don't visit N4G.

Ezio20482437d ago

Naughty Dog is spending $ 5 million dollars behind Uncharted 3 marketing whereas Activision and EA are spending a whooping $ 100 million dollars & $ 50 million dollars behind MW3 & BF3 respectively.

guess it says all!!

Ddouble2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

You have any sources? I remember reading that Uncharted 3's marketing for the UK was £5 Mmillion but i could have confused it with its worldwide marketing budget.

As for battlefield and modern warfare, i am not suprised.