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grailly2463d ago

I'm not a WoW subscriber, but this is really cool of blizzard to do

DeFFeR2463d ago

I guess... but the effective date was October 18th - so it's not like you or I could just get this now.

SonyNGP2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Title correction to avoid confusion: Free to WoW players who've subscribed to the WoW Annual Pass.

Jensen2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

so wait... d3 is now pay to play... really!....cmon now...
wow disagree cause i asked a simple question..... seriously.....

JD_Shadow2463d ago

Good lord, read the shit before posting.

People who have a WoW Pass (meaning you subscribed to one game), you will be able to have free access to another game. Those who don't get that pass will still be able to play the game for shelf price. would need to buy the license in some way to play the game (at least legally), got the disagree because you asked a REALLY STUPID QUESTION!

Jensen2463d ago

i did read... it was a effn misunderstanding on my part holy hell calm down and get that stick outt yah butt dude

Virus2012463d ago

"Look at the Disagrees"

Jensen: "I didn't ask for this".

adorie2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

it's not pay-to-play. You do have to *buy* the game, right? in order to play it. all Blizz is doing is buying it for you if you got an anual pass for WoW. You can't lose and they can't lose. it benefits you more if you still play wow.

Jensen2463d ago

oh ok so it ill still be like d2..... if soo alright.. all i wanted to know thankz.... @ disagrees.... eff you all!<3