The Girls of BlizzCon 2011

A BlizzCon 2011 Babe Gallery

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DarkBlood2456d ago

well i see some delicious abs but is that a rib cage im seeing on the side o.o

mt2456d ago

she is pretty but she need to eat more.

DarkBlood2456d ago

agreed and less it would appear to the average person that it looks like if u punch her on the side it would break easly

gamingdroid2456d ago

That site needs to resize their images. Clicking on the gallery and the pics take forever to load.

TrollBurner2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

WTF!! BlizzCon? Looks more like FamineCon! Someone get that girl a sandwich!

Shadowaste2456d ago

i don't think the chick with the abs is too skinny at all, looks just right!

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