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Growing pains: Are big studios doomed to fail?

616d ago - GamesIndustry: "Studio growth is risky - Bizarre Creations, Avalanche, Realtime Worlds and more h... | Industry

This Is Probably What Blur 2 Would Looked Like. Too Bad You’ll Never Play It.

786d ago - Kotaku - Bizarre Creations—who made Project Gotham Racing and The Club—met an unfortunate end mor... | PC

The final days of Bizarre Creations

841d ago - Bizarre Creations closed on February 18, 2011 after 17 years in the videogame business. Its last... | Industry

5 developers that we wish still existed

920d ago - PS3 Attitude: "Last week, SCE Studio Liverpool became the latest in a long line of developers to... | PC

Valve Partners With HTC To Create The Vive Virtual Reality Headset

Now - Valve has formed a relationship with Taiwanese smartphone and tablet maker HTC to help create a virtual reality headset called The Vive, which is p... | Promoted post

The studios that left us in 2011

1155d ago - When the most of the websites are reviewing the successes of the year and the most memorable mome... | Xbox 360

Great Game Companies Gone Extinct

1300d ago - Jeremiah Hisel | Goozernation With the recent news of Team Bondi's demise, selling off assets,... | Industry

Games of This Generation That Deserve A Sequel

1442d ago - We got a great taste of these games but need more | Wii

Former Employee Speaks Out Over Bizarre Creations' Closing

1468d ago - In a sad turn of events, Bizarre Creations was forced to close its doors last week as February 18... | Culture

Bizarre Creations Reform as Lucid Games

1468d ago - Ex-staff from Bizarre Creations have announced the formation of a new studio, Lucid Games. Bizarr... | Industry

Bizarre Creations | Their Life And Death

1473d ago - In the wake of their abrupt closure, Dealspwn investigates the history of Bizarre Creations, and... | Industry

Kudos To Bizarre Creations (Gameplaybook)

1475d ago - Gameplaybook says goodbye to the talented developer behind Project Gotham, Blur and Geometry Wars... | Wii

The life and death of Bizarre Creations - 1994-2011 (

1476d ago - BeefJack: "Today developer Bizarre Creations will close the doors of its Liverpool studio for the... | Culture

Bizarre Creations 1994-2011: A look back

1476d ago - You may have heard that towards the end of last year, Activision, dissatisfied with sales numbers... | Xbox

Was Bizarre Creations A Ticking Time Bomb?

1535d ago - Bryce Wilson of RipTen takes a look at the rise and unfortunate fall of one of the racing genres... | PC

Oh Where Art Thou Racing Replays Gone!?

1552d ago - Once upon a time top down racing games were what anyone knew or loved from them. However as time... | PS2

Gamereactor: Bizarre Business [The Weekly Opinion]

1558d ago - Gamereactor's Bengt Lemne has written an opinion piece that deals with the recent news that Bizar... | PC

TSA Editor's Note: Activision

1567d ago - TSA Writes: So it seems that Activision have put the staff of Bizarre Creations on ninety days n... | Industry

Bizarre Creations – The Non-Hysterical Reaction

1567d ago - Play Mag: Activision is looking into what to do with Bizarre Creations after poor sales of Blur... | Xbox 360

Bizarre Creations – A Tribute

1568d ago - …in easily digestible list form. As we speak (or type or read or whatever) Bizarre Creations’... | Xbox 360

Why Closing Bizarre Creations Is The Right Decision

1569d ago - 360 Magazine: I’m sick and tired of reading all this negativity about Activision when for the mos... | Industry

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The Secret Best Game Developer

1681d ago - We all know the big developers, but who are the secret best developers going right now? | Dev

Midlife Gamer Developer Profile: Bizarre Creations

1683d ago - A look at one of the UK's leading development houses, makers of Project Gotham Racing, The Club a... | Industry

Which is better: Split/Second or Blur?

1736d ago - Travis of TGF writes: "In the past two weeks, two publishers, known for other titles, released... | PC
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