This Is Probably What Blur 2 Would Looked Like. Too Bad You’ll Never Play It.

Kotaku - Bizarre Creations—who made Project Gotham Racing and The Club—met an unfortunate end more than a year ago, after putting out combat-enhanced racer Blur. The Liverpool dev collective were working on another racing game when Activision pulled the plug on the studio. On his personal Tumblr, former art director Chris Davie (now at developer Lucid) shows an early, pre-alpha build from that last, stillborn game. It looks pretty damn cool.

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-Mezzo-2048d ago

God, that looks awesome.

It's sad what happened to Bizarre Creations, but i hope Blur 2 see the light of day under some other studio.

mwjw6962048d ago

The title is still owned by activision and they cant milk it like COD. So no we will never see anouther blur game. Its sad I liked the game. :(

OmegaSlayer2048d ago

Yup, too bad.

Blur was a hell of a fun game, and yes, much more fun and compelling than Mario or ModNation.
Much MOAR.

r1sh122048d ago

I agree that Blur was actually a great game, but the released version had soo many bugs.
It had more bugs than the Beta, Im not sure why it didnt sell, there was a massive amount of people that played and lime the demo/beta.
Maybe it was timing?

ironfist922048d ago

I would rather have Split/Second 2

League_of_Draven2048d ago

I couldn't care less. I'm glad the game flopped though. Their advertisements did nothing but bash games like Mario Kart/ModNation Racers as the main point to buy their game instead because it wasn't "kiddy".

Detoxx2048d ago

COD is the game for kids lol

Kurt Russell2048d ago

It was better than the current Mario Kart and ModNation. It just advertised itself to a more grown up audience is all. You'll understand when your balls finally drop.

Agheil2048d ago

I tried getting my friends on Blur when I first got it but no dice. This is actually sad :(

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