Bizarre Creations 1994-2011: A look back

You may have heard that towards the end of last year, Activision, dissatisfied with sales numbers, announced the closure of Bizarre Creations, a UK based developer which they owned. Today is the day that Bizarre are officially closed so we thought we’d look back on some of the best games Bizarre created during their seventeen years.

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Nightshadow2624d ago

Activision is a big jerk =( All the best to the team of late Bizarre.

Rhezin2624d ago

yup, rest in peace Bizarre Creations. Really disappointing that there won't be any more geometry wars, by far my favorite game next to halo on 360, when I had one...

Cajun Chicken2624d ago

I'm guessing Activision own the rights for that now. Kuju did a good job with Galaxies though.

Bathyj2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

F1 96.

I knew about it, and it was both my favourite game of theirs and probably the only F1 game I ever loved.

Except for Pitstop II if that counts.

lelo2play2624d ago

They probably should of made the next Project Gotham Racing instead...

2624d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.