Games of This Generation That Deserve A Sequel

We got a great taste of these games but need more

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vgn241921d ago

So F'in true. They need to churn out a sequel ASAP. How did we get a sequel to Two Worlds, but none of these games? :(

antz11041921d ago

I got that day one but I still replay it on a regular basis. Great game!!!

Lord_Doggington1921d ago

i miss shadow complex. some of the best level design this generation hands down

Solidus187-SCMilk1921d ago

Ive been waiting for them to announce SC2. I figured they would have by now but im expecting them to make it soon.

Ill buy that day 1 for sure, I love all types of Side scrollers(if thats what they call them still), and SC is an amazing game especially since its only $15.

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Godmars2901921d ago

Though a Shadow Complex 2 was already announced?

ShyGuy131921d ago

"Marble Blast Ultra"

charlescox41921d ago

Mirrors Edge 2 was announced and then it got canceled, but I wish EA would bring it back.

GuruStarr781921d ago

SHADOW COMPLEX II..... & 3 & 4, ETC.....DO WANT!!!!!!

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