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Mr1Y  +   641d ago
I thought that they, in a sort of way responded to a lot of questions being asked. Like what will you do for us Europeans because your giving the US all the goodies. Ohh you get FIFA free if you preordered :). They showed more Ryse, to tell you hey this game isn't just about qte it's about much more than that. They kissed indie developers ass with the new program ( and they should have from the beginning) They announced a new game ( fable ) they showed somewhat why the Kinect is worth your money. That's about it though
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edonus  +   641d ago
MS did the right thing with their "conference". They have been burned 2 times already trying to make a show and a spectacle. Their reveal they told everyone prior that they would be focusing on the media functions. They showed of a great set of features and functions. That translated into MS doesnt care about gamers. Thats the first loss.

E3 MS comes out shows tons of great games a bunch of exclusives across all different genres. Sonys conference showed less but they took a dig at the MS policies. Headlines read Sony kills MS by staying the same. The great games line up MS showed amounted to a back burner after thought.

They have done what the internet calls 180s and have garnered some traction for it. Why should they risk putting on a bog show when there messages have been highjacked and used against them. The gaming media has been very harsh and bias. Becoming smaller makes them a harder target to hit. At Gamescom MS made up some great ground by not giving the media something else to crucify them over and their games are speaking for themselves.

I think MS just needs to stay low key. Do a little launch date announcement and flood the airwaves with commercials and the stores with demos. Sell your console on TV and in store because the internet is broken.
FamilyGuy  +   641d ago
They still didn't mention anything about how their HDMI input, tv overlay and services would work in other countries. They were in Germany and had nothing to show that they were at least working on out there.

Fifa give away is huge but that's just a game, the core of the system has functions that aren't being utilized in other markets.

MS being afraid of getting messages turned on them is no excuse. You learn from your mistakes and try again.
edonus  +   641d ago
Now I am a warrior and I can understand your confusion when I say this but you will understand when i am done.

Fear.... and being afraid is not a sign of weakness. Its a sign of awareness. It means you have seen the dangers, measured and recognized them as such. Given them the respect that they deserve and if you still have to engage those dangers you adjust your skill set to do so.

If you have no skills set you cower and lose and people only remember you for the fear. But when your skill set is good, you regroup and fight whether you lose or win you are remembered as brave and strong.

The real question is what is your assessment of MS skill set. Do you see them as a start up with little support knowledge and success that dont have the experience to navigate troubled waters.....OR
Do you see them as one of the biggest companies in the world with tons of resources that from their first attempt to their 2nd tripled their market presence and has some of the highest selling franchise under their belt.

They see whats going on and are adjusting to it. Why keep trying to impress those that dont want to be impressed.

And the HDMI is stahdard on every system... of coarse they are trying to work out something with the other countries whose systems are set up like the U.S. Talking about something that isnt done would just make something else for them to be crucified on.
FamilyGuy  +   641d ago
"Fear.... and being afraid is not a sign of weakness. "

LOL, I thought you were getting ready to quote the movie After Earth just now.

MS have been periodically cleaning up the mess caused at their first conference and at E3. By "the mess" I'm referring to their inability to sell their focus and demonstrate why it was worthwhile to consumers.
With all the fixing they've done recently you would think they'd have a proper conference to win back their fans, instead they had a very modest showing and didn't speak about any reversals.

The system is launching in 3 months, there is still tons of information they haven't made public yet and Gamescom was a perfect opportunity that they skipped out of fear of backlash. They aren't adjusting and learning, they're mostly ignoring a bad wound hoping a few band-aids will help it fix itself over time.
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rainslacker  +   641d ago
Their E3 showing was fine, outside a few technical gaffs. I feel most people actually agree that MS had an impressive showing of games at E3. I personally found it to be one of their best conferences in years, if not ever in this regard. People didn't like it, however, because they didn't address the questions that were burning on everyone's mind.

That isn't getting burned, that is MS failing to actually address the consumers they are trying to sell to. That is the exact point of a conference. It took Sony less than 5 minutes to address those concerns in their conference, surely MS could have made time to do the same, as well as explain to people why they were doing it. MS burned itself, not the "Sony gremlins" that you seem to think are in a massive conspiracy against MS.

Otherwise, I feel that they did so many changes to their system that it would have been extremely beneficial for them to do a conference telling everyone exactly where they stand and what the X1 is all about. Sure news reports make the rounds, but nothing gets everything out in the air like a conference...unless they actually hold back the information that people want to hear.

How many people, outside the diehard Nintendo fans, actually know what Nintendo announced in all their Nintendo Directs during E3? I'd wager not many. What MS did was no different.

You know what the most common question I hear now is? "How are you going to differentiate your system from the PS4 now that you've done so many 180's?". To me, a press conference would have been a good place to get that out without having to answer the question 100 different times, and possibly having 100 different answers if their past PR is any evidence of their competence.

If you think MS made up ground by not giving the media any information that may actually be negative, then I have to ask you, why do they feel the need to hide from the masses? The media was there, if MS was going to crucify itself, surely they could have done a lot more damage by allowing the media free reign. Apparently, according to you, they are doing gangbusters now....why not show that to the world?
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coolasj  +   641d ago
I get sad when the only Adam Sessler videos that catch fire are the "Console War" ones. He talks about so much more, one of the more eloquent minds of the industry.
Tuviejacalata  +   641d ago
Sony was talking indies... and i fell asleep... there was a lot of hype and big names being mentioned prior to the conference.. and nada. noe, to the next conference... as usual.. maybe next time, maybe next year... zzz...
dcj0524  +   641d ago
Rime. That> Everything else.
MasterCornholio  +   641d ago
Shuhei entering a multiplayer game in a few seconds won the conference for me.

Motorola RAZR i
_LarZen_  +   641d ago
I think Sony is doing great, but for me personally I am not that excited about all these Indie games. Some of them will be good, as we have all seen with games like Minecraft and Journey and so on.

But for the most part most of it is just not that interesting for me, and I think Sony has yet to show a AAA game that just blows away the competition and makes a typical AAA gamer like me go nuts.

Microsoft on the other hand has shown more AAA games that pushes the system and just looks great. And Microsoft with the XBO is the only console that got any awards for it's exclusive games at Gamescom.

Titanfall was awarded with best next-gen game and Forza 5 for best car game.

No PS4 exclusives won any awards at all..that says allot because the PS4 has allot of exclusive games.

The PS4 however won for best hardware, and that is really nice. But then again I care about the games, not a piece of silicon in a plastic box.

So who won Gamescom?

It all comes down to personal taste I think, the more diverse gamers out there that like Indie games and so on will probably think the PS4 won.

The typical AAA gamer will probably think XBO won.

I dunno, what do you guys/gals thing?
JunioRS101  +   641d ago
I'm a troll n00b, maybe...

But Adam Sessler grinds my gears
evilhasitsway  +   641d ago
sony nor ms won gamers did.
evilhasitsway  +   641d ago
what he is feeling is old age lol
shimme01  +   640d ago
this dude is off his rocker. Levolution is "things fall when you shoot them"?

Correction: Levolution is two maps for one; two different feels in the same map.

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