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Welcome back to the family!! Glad to have them officially moving in.

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Calling it now! It will be revealed with the PS5 in February 2020

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People who say this are the ones who's losing the fight.

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Having an SSD is already making next gen interesting. Add that along with BC and other features and I see no reason to not get one.

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Yeah that's sad, any game deserves a second chance to improve. Killing a game of the first try just makes things harder.

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I mean Sony did with Knack. No one asked for it but they made a sequel anyway.

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If your into handhelds more, get the switch if you like home consoles with huge 3rd party support get the PS4. And lastly it depends on what exclusives excite you more.

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So many amazing games are stuck on the GameCube such as Starfox adventures, Pokemon XD game of Darkness, Legend of Zelda 4 Swords, Maro Sunshine, Smash Bros, 007 nightfire, and so on. If anyone needs to do BC it's Nintendo. I wish they we're more like MS on that approach. It's why I'll emulate the games if I can because big N doesn't want to sell them to me.

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And..... Once again we get another open world racer. Whats wrong with selecting tracks and setting up online races with cops??? I just want a game like NFS hot pursuit 2 but with online. No garbage story mode please! NFS doesn't need a story

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Of course. If I can't play Nintendo games on any console then I don't want PS or Xbox games on any console.

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Hahaha! Good one. Whats next? You're gonna tell me Phil planned for this to happen as well? He knew Xbox needed games and not features but we still got better features than exclusives anyway. If Xbox doesn't cone out swinging in 2020 or any of the first year for the next Xbox it's over for good.

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I killed him once by knifing him to death. It was one scary time because of that chainsaw.

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Umm the hype is still here the last video on playstation YT got over 2 million views and everyone is excited to see what it is .

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WTH this is so stupid, it's like taking down overwatch and borderlands. Like come on why would that provoke anyone to do a mass shooting?

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Well deserved!!! I loved this game

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I mean its not hard to forget about an Xbox one lol, just give them any good game and they'll leave it.

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Nintendo drone are man children they don't grow up. It's why they still play games like Kirby and splatoon.

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If he paid for that Sony thanks him for that money. Fanboys can be so ridiculous sometimes.

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It's still plenty of games that haven't came to Xbox 360 that are exclusives. We need full on BC not just popular selections.

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Not the best of all time, but super close. Might end around 120 million.

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