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More importantly is it going back to the roots? Or are we still gonna be a superhero president blasting aliens and slapping them with dildos?

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MS has really been pushing fot digital with this gamepass. I fear that physical games will die if we don't stop this.

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Dammit i would've bought 4 of these.

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I hope the PS4 controller is also supported. This controller looks great tho!

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One of my favorite games of this generation. It had a rough start but they quickly patched everything and now the game is better than ever. I. Really love the characters and the world.

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Games take a lot longer to make now. It used to be 2-3 years gor a huge open world game now it's 4-6.

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No one on PS wants GP. I don't see people running out to buy xbox 1 consoles for it. I like to support companies and see them break milestones. Making a good game should be awarded.

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Congrats to Days Gone! I really loved that game this year.

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I disagree, I think it looks better than ever.

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Yeah like graphics are the main selling point of consoles. This is a ridiculous comment since both systems will be similar just like this generation.

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Wasn't like 80% of Outer Worlds sales from PS4? Sadly we can't tell from gamepass. Anyway congrats to Obsidian and hopefully the sequel will be on PlayStation too.

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Cool to see the PS4 controller supported by MS. I do wonder how next gen will be for them since you can stream any game without a console.

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That doesn't mean they can't copy what the old team used to do. Rare is still the name so keep everything the same or close as possible.

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I'm gonna need to see some AAA games MS.

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Good a$$ PS4 deal

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I gotta disagree with that one. Besides the 1 and 3 The uncharted series is miles better.

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Nintendo fans in a nutshell

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PS now and gamepass can die for all I care. These services will kill gaming.

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Yes! The guy. Who created Horizon Zero Dawn is always welcome.

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A lot of people don't look or belong in Smash.

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