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I hate this generation! Just be glad non Nintendo characters even got in this game. It's not one gender over the other, it's who's requested the most.

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Who looks this deep into the plot trying to make everything make sense?. It was the year 3000 so obviously they found a way to power facilities for decades. You can easily ask why they live in tribes or villages with the type of technology they have already. No game will make sense because it's meant to be fun not accurate.

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If the switch lite or the regular switch gets a price drop that could be huge. Same could be said for the PS4 as well. A $50 price drop could sell millions throughout Nov-Jan. Switch willl soon be at 40 million and PS will be closing in on 105 million

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Let MS keep doing what they do, I'll gladly not buy a cosole from them, when I can play those games anywhere.

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I feel bad for SEGA they really did try to compete with Nintendo, but ended up losing to even the new kid on the block which was PlayStation. The sonic franchise has gone downhill since the early 2000's

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How about none and continue making new games and just add the older ones with BC some kind of way.

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This game brings out the biggest haters. You didn't see this many people being toxic like this for BOTW and HALO. But now everyone is trying to downplay this game.

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You're wrong! Spending $60 guarantees that the developer is supported and I appreciate a good high quality game when doing so. I also like to have a physical case too. Developers will get lazy when they know the games they make goes to a subscription and can be accessed for cheap. They have nothing to worry about because a big company like MS, Sony, or Nintendo is supporting them from behind.

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I hope next generation MS either wakes up and not only care about power over games or they continue to support PC and other platforms, because It'll be a repeat of this generation.

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@RD that Scalebound announcement still hurts me. I would've bought an XB1s if it had did well.

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I do agree but if you got good Internet you'll barley notice the updates. You can also not choose to update if you don't want too. It all depends on the internet.

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The PlayStation 4 will always be the best console of this generation. Over 100 million sold and has the most highly rated exclusives and third party games. That ends any debate.

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Yes!! Can't wait!!!

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Obviously it wasn't gonna match GOW, Horizon and Spider-Man. Those games are masterpieces!

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Glad people are still showing love to this classic

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Now we can probably expect a sequel or a remaster from them

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Stop trying to up the graphics when it can't handle it. I want a solid 30fps or 60fps on the base consoles it's no need to keep them close to the Pro or X when it can't keep up.

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I highly doubt Remedy would go back. They seem more better for PlayStation or independent IMO

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Best Xbox exclusive not console. God of war, horizon zero dawn And many others would love to speak to you.

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Yeah nothing's more fun than pricing every game at $60 and supporting outdated consoles. Lets also not forget they don't innovate with new IP's either and has the worst online.

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