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That event was horrible. None of that looked next gen. $500+ for that? I'm good

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RIP. ❤❤

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That controller looks amazing!!. Makes you excited for next gen.

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Surprised someone mentioned Nintendo for once. They'll literally sell you N64 games for $60 each.

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Sounds like a yikes for me

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I'm not worried about PlayStation. Sony will find a way to get gamers to stay. They have upcoming games to show off the system power. Also graphics this gen means nothing when both will do 4K60fps. I could care less.

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Money was only allowed on original content not something that copies another person work. MM won't accept stealing games/art.

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More like playstation never loose.

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Mainly because Nintendo doesn't offer any Backwards compatibility. No GameCube games, Wii, or N64. Garbage company.

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Do Sony try and take down emulators? Does Sega every take down Sonic creations? No! So why does big N do it to be selfish and greedy?

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Crunch comes to any studio trying to release a ambitious game. Doesn't always mean it's a bad thing. ND, Rockstar, CDPR and so on expect quality.

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No those games seriously need remakes. They've become badly outdated. It would also help Sega see that people loved the Adventure series.

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Damn I guess I'll wait on buying a PS5 then. I can just play everything on PC. When is GOW, TLOU2 and so on coming?

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I can agree. I can't wait to enjoy those games and then goin full into PS5 news.

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Ah you almost had me with that.

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HYPE!!!! The last biggest PS exclusive. PS4 going out with a bang!

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Looks like garbage

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Happy birthday to my favorite game of this generation!

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Congrats to dreams and MM. The game deserves it.

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Ama zing!! Congrats

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