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This is ridiculous! Male or female I don't care.

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No thanks! My emulator can play all of the NES games. I'll just continue to play offline.

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Genshin impact!! I'm hyped.

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Not a bad score. Glad it reviewed positive

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If MS couldn't win E3 by themselves, then I don't see anything else this year helping them. Nothing will be announced until the Scarlett comes.

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Good to hear!

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On the base Xbox and ps4. It's struggling at certain points but overall a really great game. Itl run at 60fps on the PS5 and Scarlett

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Pretty much everything! The music, the animations, the gameplay, the graphics and so on. It has one of the best Spider-Man stories as well.

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Never seen or played it but so many people are excited for this. I'll definitely have to pick it up if true! A good game deserves my money.

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I appreciate. Sony for standing up to Disney and the fans. But it is Sony fault for even letting this happen, why would you let Disney advertise spider in the MCU that much? You obviously know what they were trying to do.

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I don't care what it looks like. I just need it to run quietly on high intense games.

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Only because I dont know what it is

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😂😂😂 28514; are you serious? Let's be real here, not one thing shown about the game speaks GOTY. Star Wars will easily beat this . I don't see anything beating Death Stranding if it comes out good.

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Looks great

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I don't want it just for controllers I would love it for consoles too.

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Spider-Man did it game sold over 13 million copies and the sequel is coming soon so they probably said why not just join them?

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Yup they said it in a tweet on Twitter. Sadly MS owns the publishing rights to the console game.

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