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Someone please buy them already!

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Its why Sony allows you to delete whatever you want MP or SP.

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I believe Sony has more hidden games to show us instead of rushing sequels out. We got the rumored uncharted game, Bluepoint game, maybe a new BloodBorne and whatever else.

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Best of luck to him! He got my respect by streaming God Of War and ignoring the backslash from the Xbox fan base.

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As long as I get the obvious big titles, I don't care for what's left. I still want it 100% through

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If they offer me a game for $1, then I'm paying that much. I wouldn't buy the game completely unless I wanted it for more than a month.

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So glad Sony and Nintendo didn't join forces. Both companies may be from Japan, but both have completely different ideas and ways to make games.

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Hahaha!!!! Someone is begging for games.

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But. But I thought people wanted Multiplayer???. You guys were just attacking ND over it.

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You're getting twice as more story than the last one, but yet you complain over a MP mode that could be patched in later? GTFO

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That's insane numbers!! Makes me proud to see a well deserved console do well.

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That's insane!!

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Congrats to HZD and Days Gone!!! 2 brand new IP'S

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What??? The game has no bugs!! I've finished it 3 times.

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I'm interested, but not expecting much. I appreciate any gaming news tho. State of play is about to be massive, I doubt MS has anything big to show.

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That and a port of the first one

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It's almost that time!!! I'm getting that Ellie edition.

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This horrible animated game needs to be cancelled. It's one thing to have a bad game but it's a Bigger problem when you can't release it after 3-4 years and keeping it exclusive to a store.

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I'm totally fine with that.

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